Articles by Wolfgang Petritsch

Europe must not allow another Srebrenica

23/11/2017 -  Wolfgang Petritsch

Wolfgang Petritsch has been High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina from 1999 to 2002. A comment on the verdict against Ratko Mladić

The undeluded going astray in Bosnia

27/02/2014 -  Wolfgang Petritsch*Christophe Solioz*

The process of integration into the European Union, which has been stagnant for a decade now, has exposed the sad reality of a total lack of political will on the part of Europe. An analysis of the current crisis in Bosnia Herzegovina

Bosnia: an End to the Storm?

30/05/2011 -  Christophe SoliozWolfgang Petritsch Geneva, Paris

The umpteenth crisis fifteen years after Dayton. Nationalisms are destabilizing the State, while the International community seems powerless and confused. Bosnia is seeking its way into the EU amongst many difficulties and wounds that are still open. A comment

After Lajčák

29/01/2009 -  Wolfgang PetritschChristophe Solioz

A proposal for a new partnership between Bosnia and Herzegovina and the European Union. Among its key features, a change of the consitutional structure, an effort to put an end to international dependence, and the development of a process of cooperation in the Western Balkans