Articles by Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi

The Kosovo media under pressure

06/05/2016 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

Political interference and lack of adequate financial resources keep haunting independent journalism in Kosovo

A new President for Kosovo

20/01/2016 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

The Kosovo President, Atifete Jahjaga, ends her mandate in early April, but who is going to succeed her?

No #KosovoinUNESCO

10/11/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi

The negative outcome of the UNESCO bid has sparked a discussion on Kosovo's international recognition strategy

Kosovo: the Association of Serb Municipalities

02/09/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

The Brussels deal between Serbia and Kosovo has been met both with enthusiasm and disappointment in the region

Kosovo approves the Special Court

11/08/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

Following a month-long deadlock, the Kosovo Assembly has finally voted the law establishing a Special Court to judge the KLA alleged war crimes

The Pristina reactions after Kumanovo

15/05/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

The Kosovo authorities are concerned about the participation of their citizens in the conflict in Macedonia, but deny any organized involvement

The new Kosovo Court puzzle

24/04/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

A Special Court should deal with alleged war crimes committed by KLA officials, but analysts in Kosovo are skeptical about its scope

A frustrating independence anniversary

27/02/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

Kosovo celebrated its seventh anniversary since the proclamation of independence, amidst news of thousands of its citizens trying to leave the country for better economic conditions in the EU

Far from Kosovo

21/01/2015 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

Young Kosovo citizens are leaving the country in growing numbers, looking for a better future in the EU, as they realize that independence did not entail economic growth

A bitter government coalition in Kosovo

11/12/2014 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

After years of extreme hostility, PDK and LDK strike a power sharing deal creating a government which will have to tackle the huge unemployment problem, and make progress on the normalisation of relations with Belgrade

EULEX: the corruption files

06/11/2014 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

The EU is struggling to save the credibility of its Kosovo mission, but is walking on thin ice. Our report

Kosovo wants to play

19/09/2014 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

A Pristina magazine has started a campaign to end Kosovo's international isolation in sports. The shining judo star Majlinda Kelmendi has joined in

Kosovo mobilizes to fight religious radicalism and terrorism

25/08/2014 -  Violeta Hyseni Kelmendi Pristina

After a major police operation, that recently resulted in 40 arrests of people suspected of engaging in conflicts in Syria and Iraq and supporting terrorist organizations, Kosovo institutions mobilized to fight religious extremism in the country