Articles by Toni Gabrić

Violence against migrants in Croatia: Amnesty International denounces the silence of the EU

11/06/2021 -  Toni Gabrić

What is the attitude of Croatia and the European Union towards migrants and refugees trapped at the external borders of the EU? Massimo Moratti, deputy director of Amnesty International’s office for Europe, explains in detail

Croatia: the plan for the future

20/05/2021 -  Toni Gabrić

Recently, the Croatian government presented a summary of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan. This document is crucial for obtaining 49,08 billion kuna (6,5 billion Euros) from the EU Recovery and Resilience Facility to overcome the consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic and of earthquakes which hit Croatia last year

Croatia: How to use EU funds?

23/12/2020 -  Toni Gabrić

Croatia is expected to receive a good wealth of EU funds in the coming years. However, the strategic priorities doesn't appear very bold and clear, and the plan for the use of the Recovery Fund is not ready yet

It's time for Croatia to embrace the European Green Deal

29/10/2020 -  Toni Gabrić

Average temperatures are rising more and more in the Zagreb region, while snow cover is decreasing year after year. However, Jagoda Munić, Director of Friends of the Earth Europe says that “Croatia is a very passive observer of developments around the European Green Deal”

What will the Euro effect be in Croatia?

13/10/2020 -  Toni Gabrić

The most realistic date for the introduction of the Euro in Croatia is January 1st, 2024, but what does the introduction of the single currency entail? And what do Croatian economists think?

Bosnia Erzegovina: l‘Atlante dei crimini di guerra

03/06/2019 -  Toni Gabrić

Non sarà pronto prima del novembre 2019 ma già se ne parla molto, è l'Atlante dei crimini di guerra in Bosnia Erzegovina, curato dal Centro di ricerca e documentazione di Sarajevo. Frutto di una ricerca decennale, l'Atlante conterrà le cifre e i dettagli dei crimini commessi in Bosnia Erzegovina

The lack of protection for whistleblowers in Croatia

21/11/2017 -  Toni Gabrić Zagreb

In Croatia, as in other countries in the region, whistleblowers are not sufficiently protected and risk to be fired and socially marginalised. H-Alter's contribution to our dossier on whistleblowing

Citizen Kane in Croatia

21/04/2017 -  Toni Gabrić Zagreb

As the crisis of the Croatian economic giant Agrokor unfolds, H-Alter examines the relation between politics, media and business in the country: a key to explain the long lasting “invisibility” of Todorić in the media

Croatia: above public opinion

16/02/2017 -  Toni Gabrić Zagreb

In Croatia, journalists and citizens have a hard time accessing information which should be of public domain