Articles by Tengiz Ablotia

The impossible dreams of Georgian foreign policy

18/12/2012 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

"Georgian Dream", the government coalition led by Bidzina Ivanishvili, promised to continue with Euro-Atlantic integration and, at the same time, get closer to Moscow. Yet, not everything seems to go as planned

Georgia, world leader in pirating

21/02/2012 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

Recent estimates give 93% of the software used in Georgia as pirated. Nearly everyone uses illegal software without seeing it as breaking the law. Shops in Tbilisi sell computers with Windows and other programmes already installed without the licence. Music shops happily sell copies of CDs and DVDs. In the short term the situation doesn't look like changing

Bidzina Ivanishvili – a billionaire goes into politics

08/11/2011 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

Those interested in Georgia's politics have not been talking about anything else. Bidzina Ivanishvili, the richest man in Georgia (185th in the world), had been leading a private life until recently. But in early October he announced his entry into politics, challenging the government and opposition

Georgia, the Military Ally

27/09/2010 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

Almost 1,000 Georgian soldiers are taking part in international operations in Afghanistan and the first Georgian soldier death was registered in September. A look behind the scenes of a decade-long international engagement - one that Georgia's current government sees as a sort of life insurance

The Georgian television that speaks Russian

13/08/2010 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

“Pervyj Kavkazskij” (First Caucasus). It is the name of the satellite channel in Russian, financed by the Georgian government and dedicated to all the people of the Caucasus, but not only. Transmission problems, lack of qualified reporters and the opposition of “Gazprom Media” do not seem to be enough to make Tbilisi back down

Georgia: costruction fever

26/04/2010 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

A real construction boom is taking place in Georgia, but the recent world financial crisis has had serious consequences for the construction sector; a sector in which the state is one of the major stakeholders

Andy Garcia plays Saakashvili

26/11/2009 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

Film director Renny Harlin started filming his new movie on last August's conflict, in Georgia. Besides the army and aviation, Andy Garcia and Val Kilmer will also take part in the filming

Mountains, seas and crisis

19/06/2009 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

Georgia has great touristic potential with beaches, mountains, ancient cities, castles and churches, but political instability, conflicts and economic crisis have not made the country attractive to visitors from the West. The war and the global economic crisis have hit all sectors of the Georgian economy, but the tourism sector, which had begun to recover in the last 2 to 3 years, has taken the hardest fall

No way out of the protests

14/04/2009 -  Tengiz Ablotia Tbilisi

On 9 April, the government opposition in Tbilisi, Georgia started a new wave of protests to demand the resignation of Georgian president Mikheil Saakashvili. The protests have been peaceful but are rapidly heading into a stalemate