Articles by Tatjana Lazarević

Kosovo: a long hot autumn

21/10/2013 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

Kosovo is preparing for the local elections of November 3 after the shocking murder of EULEX officer Audrius Šenavičius. A test on the recent Belgrade-Pristina agreements

Serbs in Northern Kosovo fear Dačić negotiations

07/02/2013 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

Negotiations between Belgrade and Priština are swiftly proceeding, while Serbs in Northern Kosovo fear being abandoned by the new socialist government

North Kosovo, one year after the crisis

05/09/2012 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The two crossings at Jarinje and Brnjak, heavily guarded by international military and police forces, today de facto separate central Serbia from North Kosovo. The distance between Pristina and Mitrovica, however, has not diminished

North Kosovo: Serbs say "No" to Pristina

23/02/2012 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The referendum organised by four Serbian municipalities in North Kosovo riaffirmed their refusal to accept Pristina's authority. As expected, the vote was rejected by the Kosovo government and international authorities. But the referendum marks a turning point in the relationship between North Kosovo and Belgrade, which opposed it fearing repercussions on its EU integration process

Kosovo: lonely Mitrovica

23/11/2011 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The conflict over the control of Northern Kosovo is at dead end, though technical negotiations between Serbs and Kosovo Albanians have resumed in Bruxelles. Mitrovica Serbs, set against Pristina, Kfor and Eulex, now feel increasingly isolated also from Belgrade

Northern Kosovo: Everybody's land, nobody's people

03/10/2011 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The security situation in Northern Kosovo is deteriorating, as the confrontation between KFOR troops and local Serbs continues. A violent clash on September 27 left many injured. Our update

Game of nerves in the North of Kosovo

22/09/2011 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

Serbs in the North of Kosovo are on the barricades again, after Eulex and Kosovo customs officers took control of the administrative crossings with central Serbia. Persons and goods now pass infrequently and only via alternative routes. Tension rises and effective international mediation is lacking

The northern Kosovo barricades

02/08/2011 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

After the torching of checkpoint Jarinje, KFOR troops have only partially restored passage between Kosovo and Central Serbia, with the Kosovo Serbs facing the risk of a humanitarian crisis. From our correspondent

The northern Kosovo crisis

29/07/2011 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The tension is still high in the North of Kosovo, after the Pristina government's attempt to take control of the border crossings with central Serbia. From our correspondent

Kosovo Serbs, divisions getting deeper after the elections

22/12/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

While Serbs living north of Mitrovica boycotted Kosovo elections, Serbs in the rest of Kosovo had significant participation; heavy accusations among Serbian parties marred the election results

Kosovo Serbs, Confusion over the Resolution

17/09/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

On 9 September, the UN General Assembly adopted a compromise resolution on Kosovo submitted by Serbia and supported by the EU. Kosovo Serbs seem to be confused over what Belgrade’s move actually means, and if this is going to change something in their everyday life

Kosovo: A hot summer in Mitrovica

13/07/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

In early July, a series of political incidents in Mitrovica resulted in a death and several injured people. After ten years of conflict over Serbian-controlled north Kosovo, the divided city of Mitrovica emerges again on the Kosovo and international political agenda

Divided Cities: Life at the frontier

17/05/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mostar

Mostar, Berlin, Kosovska Mitrovica, Beirut. Four cities marked by a common fate: divided, ghettos for their own citizens and frontiers between worlds in conflict. The “Festival of Art in Divided Cities”, held in Mostar in April, sought to demystify stereotypes and to create new connections

Kosovo: a battle for souls

15/04/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

Wrongdoings by the former secretary of the Kosovo Eparchy Archbishop Artemije are at the root of a scandal that dates back years and is bringing political hostility and conflicts of interest to the surface inside the local hierarchy of the Serbian Orthodox Church

Northern Kosovo, in the hunt for solutions

24/02/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The leak in January of the International Civilian Office (ICO) draft strategy for northern Kosovo stirred intense reactions. The plan, which foresees a complex net of new bodies and the "closure" of the Mitrovica office of UNMIK, has been rejected by Serbs as a new try to implement the 2007 Ahtisaari plan

Kosovo: Music riots in Mitrovica

22/01/2010 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

“The music by emerging bands tells of young people's bitterness for the surrounding world. Words are brutal, lyrics are cruel, and music soaks rebellion". A journey through the music scene in North Mitrovica and its young protagonists

Kosovo elections: conflicting realities South and North of the Ibar

11/12/2009 -  Tatjana Lazarević Mitrovica

The mid-November local elections in Kosovo stressed once more the two different realities of the Serbs living north and south of the Ibar river. For those living south, some kind of participation was considered as a vital necessity to retain local power. North of Mitrovica, the boycott was almost complete