Articles by Stela Giurgeanu

Romania: whistleblowers need more than just a law

01/12/2017 -  Stela Giurgeanu

Romania has a law protecting whistleblowers since 2004. But how many Romanian citizens have benefited from it? What is the real impact of a "law without society"? The analysis of Dilema Veche

Romania: mainstream TV networks and their owners

02/05/2017 -  Stela Giurgeanu

Romanian television channels and the owners behind them: the cases of "Antena 1" and "Realitatea TV". A report on Romania, media ownership, and freedom of the press

Romania and access to information: a law that works

06/03/2017 -  Stela Giurgeanu

In Romania, the law on access to information is a substantially effective tool in support of quality journalism

"We are not audience hunters": Romanian House of Journalists

11/11/2016 -  Stela Giurgeanu

“We are not audience hunters” explains Vlad Ursulean, founder of the "House of Journalist". A project meant to revitalize journalism in Romania