Articles by Simone Zoppellaro

Akram Aylisli, a writer under restrictions

31/03/2016 -  Simone Zoppellaro

Azerbaijani writer Akram Aylisli was expected to take part to the “Incroci di civiltà” International literature festival today in Venice, but the Baku authorities blocked him at the airport. Our interview

Azerbaijan, the Nowruz amnesty

23/03/2016 -  Simone Zoppellaro

In Azerbaijan and in the rest of Europe there was satisfaction for the amnesty that allowed 15 journalists, opposition politicians and human rights activists, to return to freedom. In the Caucasian country, however, there are still too many political prisoners

Restless Armenia: before and beyond Electric Yerevan

22/10/2015 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

Armenian citizens continue to show great vitality, now directed against constitutional reform projects. The story behind the "VOCH" protest movement

At risk Rustavi 2, Georgia's most popular TV channel

31/08/2015 -  Simone Zoppellaro

Legitimate claim or political plot? A former co-owner of one of the country's most popular TV channels has claimed the intellectual property of the TV logo. The judiciary intervenes with a number of temporary restrictions and Rustavi 2 risks to disappear

Lost birds

14/08/2015 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

The first movie produced in Turkey on the Armenian genocide has been directed by Ela Alyamac e Aren Perdeci. Our interview

#ElectricYerevan: journalists targeted

29/06/2015 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

A rally in the Armenian capital against yet another electricity price increase triggers the police. Beatings, insults, and even violence against journalists

Genealogy: Armenia’s Eurosong

19/05/2015 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

A group of youth coming from the four corners of the world is representing Armenia at the Vienna Eurovision Song Contest. Meet Vahe Tilbian, Armenian of Ethiopia

Turkey and Armenia: the threads of diplomacy

09/09/2014 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

Relations between Ankara and Yerevan have recently taken small steps towards a reconciliation all too long waited for. Yet, signals are still mixed, and the wound of genocide is still open

An August escalation in Nagorno Karabakh

14/08/2014 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

Recent clashes on the separation line between Armenia and Azerbaijan in Nagorno Karabakh have left some 20 victims and fears for a new open conflict in Europe. Local associations sign a call for peace

New Julfa, the Armenian quarter of Isfahan

07/08/2014 -  Simone Zoppellaro Isfahan

In the Iranian town of Isfahan, in the ancient district of New Julfa, lives an Armenian community. From the Ararat supermarket to the Ani cafe, everything here is reminiscent of the deep link of the Armenians to their homeland

Israel and the Armenian Genocide

27/06/2014 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

Next year the centennial of the Armenian genocide will be remembered. In the international debate on recognition, a special position is that of Israel

Yerevan: the Mikoyan monument

28/05/2014 -  Simone Zoppellaro Yerevan

The decision to build a monument to the memory of Anastas Mikoyan, Armenian leader in the former USSR, has sparked a controversy on the soviet legacy and on Russian-Armenian relations