Articles by Rodolfo Toè

Bosnian national television: a race against time

01/07/2016 -  Rodolfo Toé Sarajevo

BHRT, the Bosnian national television, postponed the suspension of broadcasts expected since June 30th, but financial difficulties are yet to be solved

The second life of Slobodna Bosna

22/02/2016 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

Slobodna Bosna, a leading Bosnian weekly, is no longer in newsstands. While many mourn the loss, the magazine may be about to start a successful second life on the web

Sarajevo, ERMA hijacked by local politics

08/02/2016 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

The ERMA master's degree in human rights and democracy, flagship programme of the Universities of Sarajevo and Bologna, is not receiving the funds made available by the EU and the Italian Government because of internal feuds in the Bosnian University

Bosnia and Herzegovina: tragedy in neglected mines

28/10/2015 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

Five miners have lost their lives in Kakanj, central Bosnia, bringing to fourteen the number of victims in this sector in the last year alone. Interview

Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Bobar Banka case

20/08/2015 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

The story of Bobar Banka Bijeljina highlights the possible reasons for the convocation of a referendum in Republika Srpska against the judiciary of Bosnia and Herzegovina

The Netherlands and Srebrenica: the burden of guilt

16/06/2015 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

The Dutch government is the one that has invested the most in the city's reconstruction since the end of the war, targeting infrastructures, the Potočari memorial, and the search for the victims' bodies

Sarajevo: the slow decay of the Holiday Inn

11/03/2015 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

Once one of the city's symbols, now in ruins, the Holiday Inn hotel was declared bankrupt last June, but continues its activity. Illegaly

Predrag Pašić, football at the test of nationalism

01/08/2014 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

The story of Predrag Pašić, old glory of Yugoslav football, is the story of Sarajevo and Bubamara, a small football academy for children founded during the war. Now Bosnian politics is trying to delete this experience, but Pašić assures: "We will keep fighting"

Sarajevo, the disputed cross

27/01/2014 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

On the Zlatište hills above Sarajevo, from where citizens were bombed on a daily basis by the Bosnian Serb Army during the war of the nineties, a 26-meter high cross should rise to remember Serbian victims

Bosnia, the Konjević Polje protest

07/11/2013 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo, Konjević Polje

Tens of Bosniak families have withdrawn their children from the schools they were attending in Republika Srpska. They demand their children be taught their own national subjects. Our report

Torture in Republika Srpska: the police in the dock

15/10/2013 -  Rodolfo Toè Banja Luka

The Council of Europe against Republika Srpska. Strasbourg reports serious offences committed by the police in Banja Luka, allegedly guilty of crimes that qualify as torture

Bebolucija: spring delayed

16/07/2013 -  Rodolfo Toè

A month after the beginning of the protests, the 'bebolucija' already seems to have betrayed its original intentions. Low interest of citizenship, confusion of the protesters, weaknesses of the organization: the Bosnian spring is postponed to a date to be determined

The Fenice theatre goes to Andrićgrad

16/04/2013 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

The prestigious Venetian theatre has begun working with Emir Kusturica on the production of a theatrical version of Ivo Andrić's novel The Bridge on the Drina. The project is strongly contested by the associations of the victims in Višegrad, where the opera is due to go on stage June 28 2014

Bosnia: religion, nationalism and pedophilia

04/04/2013 -  Rodolfo Toè Sarajevo

Revelations on the sexual abuses by the Tuzla bishop - Karadžić and Mladić’s spiritual guide - have dragged the Serbian Orthodox church through one of the major scandals of the latest years. The victims’ declarations, the reconstruction by the Bosnian reporter who was able to get a hold of the records of the witnesses’ depositions