Articles by Petra Tadić

Mladić’s arrest: good news for Serbia

03/06/2011 -  Petra Tadić Belgrado

It isn’t enough that Mladić’s arrest was one of the international conditions for Serbia. Belgrade will still have to wait a long while before it can enter the European Union. What’s important is that Mladić’s arrest opens the path towards reconciliation and that it’s possible to look into each other’s eyes again. A comment

From the violence against the Gay Pride to Genoa: this is not my Serbia

18/10/2010 -  Petra Tadić Belgrade

Violence at the Gay Pride in Belgrade and then the dramatic events at the Italy-Serbia football game. “Who gave you the right to define yourselves as the defenders of my Serbia? Who are you, anyway?” A commentary from our correspondent in Belgrade

Serbia ten years after Milošević: longing for the future

13/10/2010 -  Petra Tadić Belgrade

Memories, many. Regrets, none. The desire not to give up and a great will to look to the future. Ten years after October 5, 2000, historical date that marks the fall of Slobodan Milošević’s regime, reflections from our correspondent in Belgrade

Serbia:The socialist orbit

20/07/2010 -  Petra Tadić Belgrade

A party in which everything (and nothing) has changed. It is the Socialist Party of Serbia (SPS), today the pillar of a pro-European government, yesterday Milošević’s political creature. At its helm is Ivica Dačić, the man who succeeded in bringing the socialists back to the center of the Serbian political system without explicitly disowning the legacy of the 90s

Serbia: Creating a brand

01/06/2010 -  Petra Tadić Belgrade

Milosevic, war, the Kosovo issue: Strongly negative images associated with Serbia since the 1990s. Now, an unavoidable task is (re)branding the country. Sport and culture slowly change some things, but institutions still struggle to elaborate a consistent strategy

Too soon, too late, too little

07/04/2010 -  Petra Tadić Belgrade

After 13 hours of heated debate, the Serbian Parliament approved (127 yes votes from 250 deputies) a resolution condemning the Srebrenica massacre. The document contains apologies to the victims' families, but does not use the word “genocide”. A commentary