Articles by Niccolò Caranti

Party financing: to fight corruption transparency is needed

17/09/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

Interview with Gianluca Esposito, executive secretary of GRECO, the Council of Europe's anti-corruption body

Political funding: years of scandals

27/08/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

An interactive map of some of the main cases of scandals related to political parties and campaign funding in Europe. In some cases the (alleged) financing is illegal in itself, in some others the scandal derives from the lack of transparency

Lobbying in Italy and legislator schizophrenia

29/07/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

In Italy today lobbying is regulated in an inconsistent manner and rules are not applied. Greater transparency is necessary for investors too, but this situation is convenient for politics. Interview with Pier Luigi Petrillo

What if Facebook was a non-profit?

13/05/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti

The essential problem behind misinformation is the Internet business model. Let's try to imagine a different one, one in which Facebook and Google are not for profit

Dossier: Disinformation

11/01/2019 -  Niccolò Caranti; Fazıla Mat

"Fake news" or disinformation is one of the most pressing issues of our times. Building on the materials of the Resource Centre on Press and Media Freedom in Europe, OBCT devoted its latest special dossier to this topic