Articles by Natalia Kawana

The countries of former Yugoslavia at Rio 2016

04/08/2016 -  Natalia Kawana

Yugoslavia participated in many Summer Olympics, winning a record of 18 medals in 1984. Now its successor states all have hopes for medals, in spite of their young history of participating in the event as independent states

The South Caucasus at Rio Olympic Games

02/08/2016 -  Natalia Kawana

Things seem to be going well for Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia at the 2016 Summer Olympics – scheduled to start on 5 August, in Rio de Janeiro. At least when it comes to the overall numbers of participating athletes

Opera in Azerbaijan

29/07/2016 -  Natalia Kawana

Azerbaijan can hardly be considered a typical opera destination. But the country has a lot to offer opera lovers: performances of Western and Eastern European masterpieces, its own compositions, which are a unique mixture of musical traditions, and excellent singers

Talk Real - Balkans and civil society

26/07/2016 -  Natalia Kawana

What are the prospects for the civil society in the Balkans? Talk Real, a transnational talk show engaging civil society actors worldwide, discussed the topic