Articles by Nataša Stuper

Legend: geothermal energy in the Balkans

17/12/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Geothermal energy lands in the Balkans, saving money on bills and curbing global warming. An interview with Marco Meggiolaro, coordinator of the LEGEND project

Slovenia, renewable energy comes from the Alps

19/11/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Low-consumption buildings, revamp of the regional economy, and environmental benefits: all thanks to wood. A review on European projects on energy efficiency carried out by Slovenia

Greece, wind power to exit the crisis

30/09/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Despite the crisis, years of investment have led to the construction of 139 wind farms. Greece's wind is today one of the most attractive energy resources in Europe, and the trend is likely to continue

Croatia, renewable sources still to come

15/09/2014 -  Nataša Stuper

Increasing the production of electricity from renewable sources: this is one of the objectives that the EU Member States must achieve by 2020. Croatia has been slowing down its program and might be sanctioned by Brussels