Articles by Mikayel Zolyan

Armenia: New Hopes and New Fears

16/05/2014 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

The 99th Anniversary Commemoration of the Armenian Genocide and the 20th anniversary of the Nagorno Karabakh ceasefire have recently interweaved marking the two main external challenges for today's Armenia

Armenians of Kessab: Hostages of the Civil War

24/04/2014 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

The small Armenian-populated town Kessab in north-western Syria found itself in the middle of a battle since the end of March. 99 Years after the Genocide the Plight of Syria’s Armenians Stirs Memories of 1915

Is an Armenian “Maidan” possible?

03/03/2014 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

The Armenian political elite and the general public are divided on the account of the Kiev events. The main question, however, is whether the Ukrainian revolution may spill out to Armenia

Yerevan - Ankara, the big chill

05/02/2014 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

Seven years after Hrant Dink’s tragic death in Istanbul, his dream of an Armenian-Turkish reconciliation seems as distant as ever

A swinging Russian mood in Yerevan

10/12/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

“To the barricades!”: protests in the Armenian capital against the visit of the Russian President as Armenians are divided over joining the Customs Union with Moscow

Between Moscow and Brussels: Armenia’s foreign policy dilemma

26/09/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

A Customs Union with Russia, Belorus and Kazakhstan turns Yerevan away from signing an Association Agreement with Brussels. While the Armenian public opinion is divided, civil society activists have been intimdated

Karabakh, statements and arms deals

19/07/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

A statement on Karabakh by the presidents of the mediator-countries hardly contained anything unexpected. But a 1 bln dollars arms deal between Russia and Azerbaijan was cause for concern in Yerevan

The battle for Yerevan

02/05/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

Tensions remain high in Armenia following clashes during the presidential inauguration of April 9. The opposition hopes are for a turning point at the May 5 municipal elections in Yerevan, home to one third of the country's population

Pope Francis I: a view from Armenia

09/04/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

Armenians have followed closely the election of the new Pope, debating its possible consequences in the process of international recognition of the Genocide. In social networks, however, the event became an opportunity to discuss the role of the Church in modern society

Armenian Spring in the Making?

27/02/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

Opposition refuses to accept the official results of the Presidential election, as former Foreign Minister Raffi Hovannisian announces the “Revolution of Hello”

Armenia: elections without a choice

21/01/2013 -  Mikayel Zolyan Yerevan

A deep economic crisis and complicated regional scenario will seemingly not stop the incumbent, Serzh Sargsyan, to be elected for a new term as Armenian president