Articles by Matteo Vittuari

Rio + 20: uno sguardo ai Balcani

16/07/2012 -  Matteo Vittuari

Si è tenuta in giugno l'attesa conferenza Onu sul clima e l'ambiente Rio+20. Sostanzialmente un fallimento. Per i Paesi dei Balcani, tuttavia, è stata un'occasione per parlare e riflettere di green economy. Una rassegna

Statistical sources

21/11/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Country by country the most relevant data and statistics

Legislation and sector governance

21/11/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Legal framework, European regulations, reforms

Research and training

21/11/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Research and training are crucial. The main research institutes in the organic sector

Produce and processing

10/11/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

The most significant ORGANIC produce in the Balkans

Italian agencies and projects in the Balkans

24/10/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Italy, among the leaders in organic farming, fosters many projects in the Balkans. A review

Consumers, market and distribution

24/10/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Country by country all the market sectors related to organic production and their trends

Inspection and certification bodies

24/10/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Inspection and certification procedures have been growing alongside market consolidation and the increasing number of farms involved

Arable land and workers

24/10/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Country by country the agricultural surface areas allocated to organic farming and certified producers

Enlargement of the EU to the Western Balkans: negotiations on agriculture

04/10/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

After 2013 the European Common Agricultural Policy, known as CAP, will bring about numerous changes that the majority of the Western Balkans will have to adapt to. An incentive for modernising the agricultural sector and drawing attention to rural issues. Much apprehension about the future remains

Agricultural policies in South East Europe: which ones?

09/08/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

A step by step analysis of the agricultural development policies in South East Europe: from the process of collectivisation in the 40s, to the much reduced production capacity during the conflicts of the 90s, up to the agricultural models linked to the European Union

Agriculture and rural areas in the Western Balkans: status update

14/07/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

It’s a crutial sector of the Western Balkans economy. Just as much as it’s important it’s also been neglected during the transitional years. A broad review of the agriculture and rural areas on this side of Southeastern Europe

Balkan organic produce hits the trade fairs

14/06/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

The growth of organic agriculture in the Balkans is inevitably tied to an increase in consumer awareness. Trade fairs in this sector therefore become an indispensable medium. Something has started to move. An interview

Bosnia Herzegovina: grass-roots organic production

06/05/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

The organic sector in Bosnia Herzegovina is based on grass-roots initiatives by civil society and private citizens able to overcome institutional impasses. Our seventh report on organic agriculture in South East Europe

Macedonia discovering a green economy

07/04/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

Not much, but something is moving. In Macedonia organic agriculture is gaining ground. The legislative framework matches European standards and funds are growing. Yet, a lot remains to be done. The sixth part of our investigation into organic agriculture in South East Europe

Albania, voglia d’Europa

01/04/2011 -  Matteo Vittuari

L’agricoltura unisce l’Università di Bologna e l’Albania. Lunedì 28 marzo il presidente albanese Bamir Topi è stato ospite della Facoltà di Agraria dell’Università di Bologna per una lectio magistralis sul ruolo dell’Albania nel processo di adesione all’Unione europea. Oltre a delineare l'evoluzione del settore agricolo, il discorso del presidente albanese ha sottolineato l'importanza di creare reti universitarie, progetti di ricerca e formazione

Organic Montenegro: a lost chance?

16/12/2010 -  Matteo Vittuari

Despite strong efforts, educational campaigns, and the commitment of some NGOs, the organic sector is struggling to expand in Montenegro. Low skills and lack of public support hamper its progress. Here is the fifth part of OBC's analysis of organic agriculture in South East Europe

Organic agriculture in Albania

26/10/2010 -  Matteo Vittuari

A unique combination of national laws and regional and international cooperation projects have created the conditions for developing organic agriculture in Albania. A further contribution to our report on organic agriculture in South East Europe

Organic farming in Kosovo: if not today, then when?

19/10/2010 -  Matteo Vittuari

In Kosovo the agricultural sector has recently returned to centre stage in the political debate. But when food safety and very low standards of production are still main worries, is there much sense in thinking organic? There is, however, potential to be exploited: land abandonned for years, untouched by fertilisers and pesticides. Here is the fourth part in our enquiry into organic farming in South East Europe

Organic farming in Serbia

14/10/2010 -  Matteo Vittuari

Quality, rigour, information – these are the key factors in the development of organic agriculture. OBC's overview of organic agriculture in the Balkans starts in Serbia: an interview with Nikola Damljanović, independent expert and inspector for BioAgricert