Articles by Matteo Tacconi

Renewable energy in the Balkans: enough bad

20/07/2016 -  Matteo Tacconi

Despite the commitments defined by the Energy Community Treaty, most of the investments in the energy sector in the Western Balkans are still directed to coal plants

Izolyatsia, the Ukrainian cultural factory

19/05/2016 -  Matteo Tacconi Kiev

Izolyatsia promotes artistic and cultural events. Its headquarters were in Donbass before war broke out, now they are in Kiev. However, their values have remained the same: to guarantee freedom of opinion

Ukraine: the fate of displaced persons

05/05/2016 -  Matteo Tacconi Kiev

War in the Ukraine has caused about 1,5 million internally displaced persons. The living conditions of those who have fled the war zone in the east of the country are often very difficult. Report

Ukraine, the media after Maidan

20/04/2016 -  Matteo Tacconi Kiev

In the post Maidan Ukraine, there is growing ambition amongst students of journalism and journalists to make information more independent. Report

Kosovo, a new start for Eulex. Maybe

22/10/2013 -  Matteo Tacconi

The resources invested by the EU in Kosovo have not affected the power of organized crime and the level of corruption within local institutions. The recent turnover in Eulex's top management and the pressure from Berlin could, however, improve the effectiveness of the European mission

The Albanian mafia under investigation

16/10/2013 -  Matteo Tacconi

According to the National Anti-Mafia Directorate – an organ of the Italian State's General Attorney for the fight against organized crime, the Albanian mafia has gained a leading role in Italy's drug market

The flying Yugosphere

08/11/2012 -  Matteo Tacconi

A full-scale revolution is taking place in the former Yugoslav skies. National airlines are constantly in the red and low cost flights are expanding. How can the crisis be counteracted? Some look to the emirs, some are planning to establish a regional carrier