Articles by Laura Popa

Romania, deforestation alert

18/04/2024 -  Laura Popa

Coal Mining Expansion Leads to Deforestation: Over 470 Hectares of Forest Cut Down in Gorj, Romania. At the same time, Romania has committed itself, through the NRP, to phasing out lignite and hard coal energy production and to the phased closure of mines by December 2032

Romania: Green Energy on Apartment Blocks

29/03/2024 -  Laura Popa

Installing photovoltaic panels in condominiums in Romania can be a real challenge, given the difficulty of obtaining permits and authorizations. But to increase the impact of solar we must also promote a community attitude on energy and ecological issues

Romania, if delays slow down the photovoltaic sector

05/03/2024 -  Laura Popa

Romania produces more and more photovoltaic energy also thanks to the rapid increase in prosumers - consumers who resell excess energy from their panels to the grid. A virtuous process, but limited by long delays in payments and an unclear legal framework

Romanian counties receiving over €2 billion from the EU for more green

13/02/2024 -  Laura Popa

In addition to EU structural and investment funds, from 2021 Romania also has access to money from the Just Transition Programme. What does this programme mean, how much money can Romania actually receive and what is it earmarked for?

Why the Romanian state is not attracting more EU funds, even though it needs the money

06/02/2024 -  Laura Popa

Since 2007, the year Romania entered the EU, over 62 billion euros have flowed into the country from the EU. There could have been more, but the Romanian state failed to attract them all. Why?

Romania: gli incendi colpiscono anche il delta del Danubio

31/07/2023 -  Laura Popa

Per rigenerare e utilizzare la terra, gli abitanti del Delta del Danubio in Romania bruciano la vegetazione. Attualmente, la Romania è responsabile di quasi la metà di tutti gli incendi nelle aree protette in Europa