Articles by Laura Delsere

Water in the Balkans – too much, yet not enough

01/06/2011 -  Laura Delsere

Despite the great availability of water – higher than the European average, the region finds itself unprepared for climate change, risking both droughts and floods

Armenian genocide: "I remember them"

01/12/2010 -  Laura Delsere

The Armenian genocide – a look from inside a family. Two 15-year-old survivors meet in an orphanage. Sharing the pain is impossible, even with descendants. Therefore, a young university student tells the real story of her grandparents on 24 April, Memorial Day

Migrants in Italy, one of two from Eastern Europe

08/10/2010 -  Laura Delsere Rome

Half of the migrants resident in Italy comes from Romania, Bulgaria, the Balkans, and non-EU Eastern Europe, not to mention those from Central Europe. But who lives where? Exclusively for Osservatorio sui Balcani e Caucaso, an analysis of the main communities by macro-region

Ghosts at the Borders

20/04/2010 -  Laura Delsere

According to Tim Judah every EU foreign minister should immediately read this book. In Why Europe Fears its Neighbors, Fabrizio Tassinari talks of the EU’s anxiety about those just beyond its borders. We interviewed him here

Italian syndrome

24/11/2009 -  Laura Delsere Rome

There are roughly 90,000 Moldovans living in Italy - with numbers growing fast, as shown by a recent report by Caritas-Migrantes. Among the many difficulties of living abroad, one problem is spreading very quickly: the Italian syndrome, a depressive form that affects illegal immigrants and their children

The wall of lost chances: the Balkans and the Caucasus after 1989

30/10/2009 -  Laura Delsere

Twenty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall, the Western Balkans and the Caucasus are left with many a lost chance. The analysis of Tihomir Loza, deputy director of "Transitions on line", since 1999 among the major online news media devoted to the former Eastern Bloc

Roberto Saviano on the mafia and Eastern Europe

20/10/2009 -  Laura Delsere

Shifting his focus from Italy's Casalesi crime family to the mafia bosses of the East, the author of the best-selling novel "Gomorra", Roberto Saviano, is now analysing the spread of organized crime in Eastern Europe. This is the topic of his next book. Our interview.