Articles by Kenan Behzat Sharpe

Femicides in Turkey: a film honours Bergen, the "Woman of Sorrow"

12/05/2022 -  Kenan Behzat Sharpe Istanbul

As violence against women continues to rise in Turkey and the government targets activist organisations seeking to prevent femicide, a blockbuster film about a slain 1980s singer is forcing the country to grapple with its past and present abuse of women’s rights

Turkey’s Ukraine policy: playing all sides

18/03/2022 -  Kenan Behzat Sharpe Istanbul

A NATO member with strong strategic and economic ties with Moscow (but also with Kyiv), Turkey is facing the Russian aggression against Ukraine with extreme caution, in an attempt to minimise the risks, but also to take advantage of possible opportunities

Turchia: utopia femminista e rock’n’roll nello spazio

26/05/2020 -  Kenan Behzat Sharpe

Il testo e il videoclip İstikrarlı Hayal Hakikattir (Il sogno insistente è realtà) - singolo della musicista Gaye Su Akyol - sono uno psichedelico e coraggioso manifesto politico