Articles by Iulian Lungu

Moldova: time for constitutional reform

08/03/2010 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

On 24-26 February, a delegation from the Venice Commission visited the Republic of Moldova. The delegation's visit was part of a task to support Moldova's ongoing constitutional reform process, initiated by the governing Moldovan coalition, Alliance for European Integration

Moldova-EU: a chance for a new relationship

03/02/2010 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

As the name of the Republic of Moldova's new governing coalition implies, the Alliance for European Integration has as its main goal the improvement of Moldovan-European Union relations

Moldova: austere budget

13/01/2010 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

In 2009, the economic crisis was aggravated by the difficult political situation in the country. The ruling Alliance for European Integration had to present an austere budget, characterised by tax raises and cuts in subsidies

Moldova: on the road towards change

09/11/2009 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

Tomorrow, the Moldovan Parliament will vote for a new president. The governing coalition, The Alliance for European Integration, needs the support of at least some communist MPs in order to finally elect a new president and continue on the path of political reform

A wind of change or pathetic illusion?

13/07/2009 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

The Republic of Moldova on 29 July will hold new parliamentary elections. Despite the opposition leaders' demand not to hold elections in the summer but to postpone them until the autumn, the communist authorities decided to organise the elections as soon as possible

Moldova towards new elections

08/06/2009 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

The recently elected parliament failed twice to elect a president. The situation throws the Republic of Moldova into new parliamentary elections, as the parliament is constitutionally obliged to dissolve after the second failure to elect a president

A pass to paradise

08/05/2009 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

Following the post-electoral violence in Moldova, Romanian authorities approved an urgent act which simplifies the procedures to obtain Romanian citizenship. Despite the tough reactions of Chişinău's authorities, thousands of Moldovans rushed to apply for a Romanian passport

After the storm

24/04/2009 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

After the elections' violent ending, that saw the symbols of the official power devastated and a violent repression of young protesters, political opponents, and independent media, an equally tense aftermath threatens to polarise Moldovan society