Articles by Iulia Postica

Protests out of control

08/04/2009 -  Iulia Postica Chişinău

After last Sunday's elections, the opposition took to the streets of Chişinău to protest the victory of the Communist party. Peaceful demonstrations degenerated into violent clashes between the protesters and the police when the crowd stormed the Parliament and Presidency buildings

Tense spirits on the last hundred meters

03/04/2009 -  Iulia Postica Chişinău

The electoral campaign in Moldova ends with serious infringements of citizenship rights. Fifty Moldovan students studying in Romania were denied entering their own country, while three hundred Romanian citizens were stopped at the border and prevented to participate in cultural and political events organised by electoral candidates

A new government for Moldova

16/04/2008 -  Iulia Postica Chisinau

The Republic of Moldova has a new government, led by Mrs. Zinaida Greceanii, former minister of Finance and vice Premier. The new government has big plans, but analysts in Chisinau believe Mrs. Greceanii will have little space for maneuvering, given the little time at her disposal