Articles by Irene Dioli

Covid-19 and Russian aid in Lombardy: narratives in the Italian media

11/06/2020 -  Irene Dioli

Cooperation or interference? Russia's military presence in Lombardy has been the subject of doubts, clashes, and conflicting narratives in the Italian media

Hate speech: what it is and how to contrast it

01/02/2018 -  Marzia BonaIrene DioliLorenzo FerrariFazıla MatNicola PedrazziRossella Vignola Valentina Vivona

As hate speech is being debated more and more both online and offline, we decided to devote a special dossier to it, building on the materials of the Resource Centre on Press and Media Freedom in Europe.

Belgrade, Queeroslavia

03/05/2011 -  Irene Dioli

Six years ago, the Queer Beograd collective organised the first Queer Beograd Festival. Its story is a good chance to talk about LGBT and queer movements in Serbia – their goals, their fortune, and their imaginary

Myths of founding and martyrdom: Sabrina Ramet's Dead Kings

02/11/2010 -  Irene Dioli Cervia

Last September, OBC had the chance to hear Sabrina Ramet introduce her paper, “Dead Kings and National Myths: Why Myths of Founding and Martyrdom are Important”, set to be published at the end of 2010 at the CEI International Summer School in Cervia (Ravenna, Italy). Here is what she told us

Totem and taboo in Greek documentary cinema

28/01/2010 -  Irene Dioli

Documentary cinema in Greece: the reality of a cinematographic genre limited by the lack of producers and by themes that are still taboo. Interview with Rea Apostolides, producer and researcher

Profession: documentarist

20/01/2010 -  Irene Dioli

Documentary cinema in Greece: theoretical debates, material conditions, and relationships with institutions according to director Anneta Papathanassiou. Our interview

A ghost still wanders Europe

22/09/2009 -  Irene Dioli

Sexual minorities may not be the most fashionable topic in international cooperation, but there is quite a lot more that Europe can do - and in a better way. Human rights, the NGO sector, and neo-colonialist ghosts in a conversation with Svetlana Ðurković

Lobbying lavender

15/09/2009 -  Irene Dioli

What is behind the adoption and discussion of anti-discrimination laws in SEE? LGBT rights, EU conditionality, and international cooperation in an interview with Lilit Poghosyan, ILGA-Europe's Programmes Officer for the Balkan region

Illegality is in the eye of the beholder

08/09/2009 -  Irene Dioli Lesvos

Woodstock meets No Global in a week of activism and debates at the No Border camp on the island of Lesvos, first step of many migrants' journey to Europe. A reportage

Exclusion and inclusion

21/04/2009 -  Irene Dioli

''The decline in economic growth will be more effective in raising poverty rates than the 6 years of growth just passed was in reducing them''. An interview with Paul Stubbs, author of an independet study for the European Commission on social inclusion in the Western Balkans