Articles by Gianluca Grossi

The traditional music of Ulaş Özdemir

21/10/2014 -  Gianluca Grossi

His last piece of work was produced with the Forabandit, a musical ensemble that contaminates traditional Turkish music with the lyrical and musical experience of the Provençal troubadours and Persians rhythms. Interview

Fanfara Tirana

12/09/2013 -  Gianluca Grossi

Though certainly more funky and jazzy in their arrangements than their great-grandparents, Fanfara Tirana have in fact revived brass tradition in Albania. And they made it out in the world thanks to a collaboration with Transglobal

Sezen Aksu, queen of Turkish pop

24/05/2013 -  Gianluca Grossi

The legendary singer, first Turkish female artist to have written lyrics and music to her own songs, has also made herself known for her care for human rights

Erkin Koray, the Turkish Jimi Hendrix

24/01/2013 -  Gianluca Grossi

Erkin Koray is one of the greatest Turkish musicians. He has contributed not only to rock, but also to psychedelic, world music and prog. This has earned him the nickname of the Turkish Jimi Hendrix

Shazalakazoo’s folk-step

28/12/2012 -  Gianluca Grossi

It is a sub-genre of the more popular turbo folk - and certainly a more elaborate one. It is called folk-step. Two of its greatest representatives are Shazalakazoo, a Belgrade-based electronic music duo