Articles by Gentiola Madhi

European cities, the frontier of cohesion

22/12/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

How to ensure that cities are places of rights and quality of life and not of division and marginalisation? European institutions, through cohesion policy, are trying to find solutions

Albania: the government closes the Turkish boarding school

11/10/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

One week after the start of the lessons, on 22 September, the Albanian government suddenly closed the 'Mehmet Akif' Turkish women's boarding school in Tirana. A drastic decision with unclear reasons. The interference of the Turkish authorities is in the shadows

The EU cohesion policy has been allocated 392 billion Euros for 2021-2027: ready to go?

02/09/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

Over the past year, many EU countries have signed partnership agreements with the European Commission for cohesion. What is it about? How are the countries of Southeast Europe doing?

Slovenia: shaping the future sustainability of mountain areas

04/08/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

Cohesion funds can generate a new momentum for the development of mountain areas in Slovenia. Two out of five policy objectives in force until 2027 provide an important financial stimulus to improve public services and life quality of local communities, while preserving nature

Albania: A step closer to the EU

26/07/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

On 19 July, after eight years of waiting, Albania finally participated in the first intergovernmental conference as a candidate country for the European Union. Thus the accession negotiation process begins, but unresolved bilateral issues with Greece could already get in the way

EU cohesion: the great erasure of gender equality

11/01/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

The pandemic has accentuated the gender inequalities existing in the EU member states. Things were never great, but an analysis of the last financial period 2014-2020 of cohesion policies highlights how little has been done in this field

Albania and post-Covid19: a look at rural life

12/11/2021 -  Gentiola Madhi

In a space suspended between the digital world and real life in the Covid-19 era, a young Albanian woman returns to her homeland to promote agricultural development, traditions, and equal opportunities in the rural sector

Albania, all still on the European front

25/10/2021 -  Gentiola Madhi

A positive assessment emerges from the recent "Progress Report" on Albania. However, the local media - compared to the past - speak little about it: there is a strong disillusionment with the failure to start negotiations

3mesiDI: Albania, dal Covid-19 al terzo mandato di Edi Rama

20/05/2021 -  Gentiola Madhi

È stata l’emergenza sanitaria a dominare il dibattito negli ultimi mesi in Albania. E a divenire oggetto di contesa tra il governo socialista e l’opposizione nella rincorsa alle politiche svoltesi lo scorso 25 aprile


Albania: political parties are doing their own "journalism"

11/05/2021 -  Gentiola Madhi

In the recent electoral campaign for the political elections, the staff of the main political parties created their own editorial products, which were then often transmitted and published as they were, without journalistic mediation. Propaganda defeated information

"Big Brother" privacy scandal exposes the fragility of Albanian democracy

21/04/2021 -  Gentiola Madhi

The Albanian Socialist Party allegedly collected and illegally used the data of 910,000 citizens. The "Big Brother" case breaks out in Albania a few days before the political elections. Even the author of this article found herself listed

Covid-19: the pandemic is testing the Balkan countries' education systems

03/12/2020 -  Gentiola MadhiFrancesco Trupia

Poor investments, politicisation, little regard for teachers: the pandemic has exacerbated the structural limits of school systems in the Balkans. The case of Kosovo

Da Berlino a Sofia, per la convergenza economica dei Balcani Occidentali

06/11/2020 -  Gentiola Madhi

Martedì prossimo a Sofia, Bulgaria, si terrà il tradizionale vertice tra capi di stato e governo dei Balcani Occidentali e Unione europea. Obiettivo, adottare un piano per la creazione di uno spazio economico regionale

Albania: public information becomes a casualty of COVID-19

11/06/2020 -  Gentiola Madhi

COVID-19 has exposed the weaknesses of Albania’s public information. The monopolisation of communication on coronavirus has raised concerns over the government’s accountability on pandemic management as well as media freedom

Albania: the end of a theatre

18/05/2020 -  Gentiola Madhi

In the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, under fierce lockdown measures, Albania’s socialist government performed the last act of the power play on the demolition of the National Theatre. At the expense of democracy

Albania: dalla jufka all’agriturismo

05/02/2020 -  Gentiola Madhi

Ha iniziato con la pasta tradizionale fatta in casa e poi ha dato alloggio ai turisti che venivano da lei per degustare i prodotti. La storia di Dashurie è ora un esempio e un'opportunità per molte donne albanesi

Albania: the winter of representative democracy

09/01/2020 -  Gentiola Madhi

A new wave of protests is expected to mark the beginning of 2020 in Albania. With a fragmented opposition and a non-representative Parliament, civic protests may serve as a catalyst for further democratisation and freedom of speech

Albania: the civic duty of protecting the National Theatre

18/12/2019 -  Gentiola Madhi

The 20-month long protests against the demolition of the National Theatre reflect not only the need to protect the country's common historical and cultural heritage, but also citizens’ demands for further democratisation of Albania

French Politics against EU Policy in the Balkans

17/10/2019 -  Gentiola Madhi

The EU Summit is expected to take a final decision on the opening of accession negotiations with Albania and North Macedonia, although France seems unwilling to change its position to postpone the decision-making process until the European negotiation format is re-arranged

Albania: private unsecurity

11/07/2019 -  Gentiola Madhi Tirana

The establishment of "llyrian Guard", a state-owned company offering private security services, can hardly resolve the complexity and challenges of the private security market in Albania. The Achille’s heel lies in licencing and quality control by state institutions