Articles by Francesco Grisolia

European elections in Cyprus: between confirmations and frustrations

04/06/2014 -  Francesco Grisolia

The EU elections confirmed traditional electoral trends in Cyprus, with a record level of abstention and two seats each for the two main Greek-Cypriots parties. Controversies mounted about thousands of Turkish-Cypriots citizens not allowed to vote

European Elections in Cyprus: United by Disinterest

30/04/2014 -  Francesco Grisolia

All the citizens of Cyprus, whether in the north or the south, could theoretically vote in the European elections. But this will not happen. The Greek Cypriots are showing scarce interest, while the Turkish-Cypriots are restricted by voting regulations

Cyprus: Last phase of negotiations

18/11/2011 -  Francesco Grisolia

Despite low expectations, the meetings between Greek and Turkish Cypriots that took place in New York on 30 and 31 October had a “positive and productive” outcome. However, some issues still need to be solved