Articles by Filippo Rosin

Georgia: domestic politics, the crisis with Russia, and Covid-19

20/05/2020 -  Filippo Rosin

Georgia is expected to vote to renew parliament on October 31. Some fear that the government will use the current health crisis to postpone the elections and the reform of the electoral system agreed with the opposition

Diplomacy and the war in Ukraine

11/02/2020 -  Filippo Rosin

Last December, Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russia's Putin met under the aegis of France and Germany. Since then, however – although much has been said about Ukraine because of Trump's impeachment and the shooting down of the Boeing in Iran – little has changed in the Donbas conflict.

Ukraine: Zelenski-Putin meeting

09/12/2019 -  Filippo Rosin

Today in Paris, within the framework of the "Normandy Group", Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Putin will meet. A picture of the political situation in Ukraine and in the Donbas