Articles by Filippo Cicciù

Greece and Turkey: machismo in the eastern Mediterranean

09/09/2020 -  Filippo Cicciù Istanbul

A clash with ancient roots, reactivated by the discovery of huge energy resources on the seabed: throughout the summer Turkey and Greece showed their muscles in the eastern Mediterranean. But is there an actual risk of an open conflict? An analysis

Elections in Turkey: faraway, so close

10/07/2020 -  Filippo Cicciù Istanbul

The next elections in Turkey are scheduled for 2023. Despite the assurances of President Erdoğan himself, however, the political spectrum is in turmoil, between new projects and signs of fatigue in the AKP electorate

Istanbul, in the traffickers' net

08/03/2016 -  Dimitri Bettoni, Filippo Cicciù Istanbul

For the vast majority of refugees and migrants, using the Turkish network of traffickers is the only choice in order to start the journey along the Balkan Route. Our report