Articles by Federico Sicurella

The hill of stars

19/08/2014 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

Belgrade's Astronomical Observatory, a jewel of modernist architecture, houses amazing instruments and magical stories, like that of a mysterious “comet seeker”. Today, the question is how to do justice to what once was a symbol of the city. An interview

Serbia, 15 years after the bombings

08/05/2014 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

15 years after the NATO raids, Serbian society is dealing with a recent past marked by diverging narratives

Leave Tesla alone!

13/03/2014 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

In Serbia, the Church and the State agreed to transfer the remains of Nikola Tesla to the Orthodox temple of Saint Sava. The heirs of the great scientist, and the Serbian public, are resisting the move

Belgrade on water

06/02/2014 -  Federico Sicurella

Turning an area of Belgrade into a Dubai of the Balkans. The Serbian government project for the right bank of the Sava, issued during the election campaign, appears unsustainable to critics

The rising emergency of asylum seekers in Serbia

12/12/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

They flee Countries like Syria, where their lives are endangered, but are rejected by the local population who sets up barricades and fires. The tragedy of asylum seekers in Serbia

Ordinary disorders. The Serbian hooligan politics

25/11/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

After a recent wave of incidents, Serbian authorities have promised draconian measures against hooligans, but seem unable to effectively tackle the problem

40 km an hour. The slow modernization of the Serbian railways

28/10/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

The glorious Yugoslav railway system is just a pale memory. Today travel by train in Serbia is uncomfortable, and even risky. Modernization, however, might be on the track

Balkan history: testing imagination

23/09/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

Is it possible to build a shared narrative of the Balkans, overcoming the conflicts between national historiographies? The travelling exhibition "Imagining the Balkans", these days in Belgrade, tries to do so

A lesson in queer

05/09/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

In Belgrade the second edition of the queer studies course just ended. It discussed unconventional perspectives, marginal identities, and emancipatory practices. Osservatorio met with philosopher and activist Dušan Maljkovic, coordinator of the course

Health and corruption in Serbia

29/07/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

A young woman wrote to Osservatorio to denounce the treatment her Grandmother was subjected to in the Serbian healthcare facilities. Her letter tells of requests for money, humiliating treatment and working negligence

Topovske Šupe: memory of the Holocaust at stake

19/06/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrado

In Belgrade, the building that housed one of the first Nazi concentration camps in Eastern Europe will be razed to the ground. Its place will be taken by a shopping centre. The protests of the citizens

Serbia: solving the three-body problem

02/05/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

An extraordinary discovery by two physicists from Belgrade sweeps the world. The Serbian scientific community, though, is in trouble because of mismanagement and lacking of funds. An analysis

Belgrade and its street children

10/04/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

There are more and more children living and working on the streets of Belgrade. The institutions are having a hard time dealing with the phenomenon. A temporary daycare center that has become a model for the whole region, the Svratište, recently risked shutting down

One billion rise in Serbia too

08/03/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

Cases of family violence, particularly against women, are not decreasing in Serbia. Now, however, the fight against abuse can count on two more forces – the Museum of violence that just opened in Belgrade and the many people who danced for One Billion Rising

Contending Cyrillic

04/02/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrado

The appearance of the Cyrillic alphabet on the new Euro banknotes has been welcomed as a sign of trust of the European economic system in the Balkan Countries. It is Cyrillic, however, that underpins three ticklish controversies, in Serbia and Croatia

Serbia: education, the market and democracy

17/01/2013 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrado

What principles should underpin Serbia's educational system from now to 2020? The answer lies in the Strategy for the Development of Education, recently adopted by the government. The document, however, does not appeal to many intellectuals denouncing it subjects education to nationalism and the market economy

Visas, Serbia, and Fortress Europe

13/11/2012 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrade

Three years ago, the elimination of visa requirements for Western Balkan citizens to travel in the EU was a breath of fresh air. Now, however, due to the numerous asylum requests, the Western Balkans are facing the threat of the measure being revoked. The case of Serbia, between asylum seekers and re-admissions

Belgrade: BusPlus terror

09/10/2012 -  Federico Sicurella Belgrado

A few months ago, Belgrade introduced the BusPlus system, which was supposed to revolutionize the city's public transport. But technological innovations have only masked the inefficiency and poor state of public transport. And violence against those who do not pay the ticket is increasing

Sarajevo Spring

16/06/2008 -  Federico Sicurella Sarajevo

The demonstrations that took place in the Bosnian capital over the past months, from those against social degradation to those against corruption in politics and in the sports world, mark the growth of a civil society free from nationalist rhetoric