Articles by Cecilia Ferrara

The Sarajevo godfathers

06/11/2013 -  Cecilia Ferrara

The chronicles of recent trials give an insight on the state of organised crime in Bosnia and Herzegovina and in the rest of the Balkans

Lazarat, the capital of Albanian marijuana

08/10/2013 -  Cecilia Ferrara

According to the Italian police, in Albania there are hundreds of marijuana plantations for export. One of the most renowned production centers is the village of Lazarat, where cultivation is an important support to the farmers' income

Keljmendi, the boss of the Balkans

22/05/2013 -  Cecilia Ferrara

After having escaped an operation by the Bosnian police, Naser Keljmendi was arrested in Kosovo on May 5th. He is accused of murder, drug trafficking and allegedly runs networks extended throughout the Balkans

The end of the Serbian mafia?

22/02/2012 -  Cecilia Ferrara

The arrest in Spain of four Serbian citizens alleged leaders of one of the most powerful criminal organizations in the Balkans, the infamous Zemun clan, has inflicted a heavy blow on organized crime in the region. But is it truly over?

After Mladić – dealing with the past

02/06/2011 -  Cecilia Ferrara Belgrade

Now that Ratko Mladić has been arrested and extradited to the Hague, Serbia needs to come to terms with a history the country has not yet dared to deal with. An interview with Nataša Kandić, director of Belgrade's Humanitarian Law Centre


12/04/2010 -  Cecilia Ferrara Belgrade

Serbia is rich in geothermal fluids, a source of clean energy that could be tapped with additional knowledge and better tools. A consortium of Tuscan municipalities and Serbian local institutions are working together to make some progress

Against the Mafia

26/02/2010 -  Cecilia Ferrara Belgrado

Serbia's law on the confiscation of property deriving from crime, outlined in collaboration with the Italian anti-mafia Department and in force for about a year, has started to produce some results. But what does the term “organized crime” mean in Serbia? Here's what the experts say

Serbia: towards a regional truth on war crimes

12/01/2010 -  Cecilia Ferrara Belgrade

The work of the Office of the War Crimes Prosecutor in Belgrade, public opinion, and the initiative of a group of NGOs to create a regional truth commission. An interview with Bogdan Ivanisevic, consultant of the International Center for Transitional Justice

Serbia: bread instead of reforms?

22/12/2009 -  Cecilia Ferrara Belgrade

A cynic and a pessimist according to many, he disagrees with most of the economic policies implemented by the Serbian government and does not think that postponing reforms to avoid social unrest is a good idea. An interview with economist Miroslav Prokopijević

The discomfiting sound of The Hourglass

02/12/2009 -  Cecilia Ferrara Belgrade

"The Hourglass" ("Pešcanik") is one of Serbia's more talked about radio shows. War crimes, privatization, politics, and justice are among the topics covered each week by journalists Svetlana Lukić and Svetlana Vuković. Our interview

Kristalnacht in Sarajevo

30/09/2008 -  Cecilia Ferrara

It was a witch hunt, or more exactly, a hunt of the "other". The first queer festival in Sarajevo ended before it had even begun. Fifteen persons were injured or were subject to threats by hooligan gangs and Wahhabi groups. In addition, Iggy Pop cancelled his upcoming concert in Sarajevo