Articles by Caterina Bonora

Izetbegović visits Kazani in first gesture of acknowledgment

21/06/2016 -  Caterina Bonora Sarajevo

For the first time a Bosniak leader goes to Kazani, which somehow symbolizes the crimes committed by parts of the Army of BiH against Serbs and Croats in besieged Sarajevo

The Stanišić and Simatović case: the redemption of the ICTY?

18/12/2015 -  Caterina Bonora Sarajevo

The Tribunal's Appeals Chamber orders that the two Serb officials be retried, in contrast with most of the controversial late ICTY jurisprudence

Dealing with the past through feminism

19/05/2015 -  Caterina BonoraDaniela Lai Sarajevo

The Sarajevo Women's Court and transitional justice in the former Yugoslavia: preliminary reflections

Is there hope for RECOM?

23/03/2015 -  Caterina Bonora Sarajevo

The latest updates on the struggle for a regional commission for investigating the war crimes of the 1990s in the Balkans

Watching Bosnia in New York City: "May 31st" and "Trnopolje, a forgotten summer"

30/05/2014 -  Caterina Bonora New York

The Bosnian Herzegovinian Film Festival in New York City recently premiered a documentary movie on the White Armband Initiative, the event taking place in Prijedor each year on May 31st. Transitional justice experts Refik Hodžić and Eldar Sarajlić discussed the process of dealing with the past in the country

Dzenana Karup Druško: the painful importance of the ICTY

04/12/2013 -  Caterina Bonora

Bosnian journalist Dženana Karup Druško is one among many human rights activists who sent a letter to UN Secretary General asking that an investigation be opened after the recent ICTY controversial judgments