Articles by Bernardo Venturi

The Chișinău center for Eastern border migrants

27/05/2013 -  Bernardo Venturi Chișinău

The Moldovan capital Chișinău has its own center for migrants, to reject them before they even get to the European Union. We paid a visit

Good reasons to invest in Moldova

16/05/2012 -  Bernardo Venturi Chişinău

Valeriu Lazar, 40, Minister of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova since 2009, took office in the middle of the economic crisis and is one of the government's leading figures. In this interview, he talks about Moldova's response to the crisis, its model of development, and its investment opportunities

Moldova and the EU: Freedom Just Across the Border

13/09/2010 -  Bernardo Venturi Chişinău

For Moldavians, Europe is a fever. A collective aspiration to enter the magic circle of “the 27” is reflected in everything from public advertisements to names of squares, even in a new-found freedom of movement that Moldavians now enjoy. This aspiration is visible despite the fact that the little republic is still dealing with nostalgia for and economic tensions with its big Russian neighbor

Chişinău, one year after the protests

06/04/2010 -  Bernardo Venturi Chişinău

After Moldova's contested parliamentary elections on 6-7 April 2009, peaceful demonstrations degenerated into violent clashes between protesters and police. Civil activists Ghenadie and Oleg Brega remember those days. An interview

Transnistria's Breakthrough

24/09/2009 -  Giorgio ComaiBernardo Venturi Tiraspol

Alena Arshinova is the leader of "Proriv"("Breakthrough"), a youth organization founded in 2005 in Transnistria, a de facto independent territory that, in Soviet times, belonged to the Moldovan SSR. We met her at the organization's headquarters in downtown Tiraspol. An interview