Articles by Andrea Rossini

Fort Sochi

20/12/2013 -  Andrea Rossini

The Sochi Project, a digital tale showcased at the recent Amsterdam International Documentary Film Festival, is a powerful investigation into the next Winter Olympics, and on the human rights violations associated

The Hague after Mladić

16/06/2011 -  Andrea Rossini

The enthusiasm for Ratko Mladić’s arrest has generated a mission accomplished climate with regards to justice for the crimes committed in the ‘90s. There are still, however, many ongoing trials, both at The Hague and in the local Courts, and many cases still to investigate

The Mladić case

03/06/2011 -  Andrea Rossini

Carla Del Ponte, former Head of the Prosecutor's Office of the International Criminal Tribunal of the Hague, comments on the position of the defendant and on the possible development of the case. Interview

A new Serbia

26/05/2011 -  Andrea Rossini

Mladić's arrest opens a new page for Serbia and for the whole region. On the XXth anniversary since the start of the dissolution of Yugoslavia, a sign that the ex-socialist country's long transition has come to an end. After thousands of victims. Our comment

Inzko’s choice

07/05/2011 -  Andrea Rossini

In the open crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the international community must avoid the trap of a head-on collision, bringing the European integration process back to the forefront of the political debate. In a Bosnia with no High Representative

A Stronger Europe in Sarajevo

06/05/2011 -  Andrea Rossini Dijon

The political crisis in Bosnia and Herzegovina, the country's European path and the attempts at much-needed constitutional reform. Our interview with Paola Pampaloni, Head of the BiH Unit of the European Commission's Enlargement Directorate

Small Bosnian enterprise

02/02/2011 -  Andrea Rossini Zenica, Žepče, Sarajevo

The state of the economy in Bosnia and Herzegovina: the case of small and medium-sized enterprises in the Zenica-Doboj canton, the country's industrial and agricultural sectors, and the hard chase after European funds. Our reportage

Bosnia-Herzegovina: the Krivaja life

27/12/2010 -  Andrea Rossini Zavidovići, Sarajevo

From socialism to war, from war to market economy. The transition of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the history of a giant industrial kombinat, Zavidovići's Krivaja. The winners and the losers of privatisations, 15 years later


19/02/2010 -  Andrea Rossini

The Bosnian political crisis in the election year. The European Court of Human Rights' statement on the Dayton Peace Agreement, the force of the Ethnopolis

East of '89

10/11/2009 -  Andrea Rossini

The memory of the communist era in Romania, questions about the revolution and the end of the Ceauşescu regime. An interview with Corneliu Porumboiu, screenwriter and director of the critically-acclaimed film "12:08 East of Bucharest"

Bosnian Chess

02/07/2009 -  Andrea Rossini Sarajevo

An interview with Senad Pećanin, director of the news weekly Dani, about the ongoing clash between High Representative Inzko and the institutions of Republika Srpska, the position of the international community, and the future of the country

The fall

04/03/2009 -  Andrea Rossini

The end of division in Europe, the end of Yugoslavia, the advent of globalisation: an interview with Rada Ivekovic. A new article in the series on European identity, the new system of international relations and the memory of communism in the first 20 years after 1989

Surviving Reunification

18/02/2009 -  Andrea Rossini

From the fall of the Berlin Wall to the European integration process, via the dissolution of Yugoslavia. The controversial heritage of Communism in Europe, made of nostalgia, social injustice and demand for security. An interview with Slavenka Drakulić

Greetings from Guantanamo

20/01/2009 -  Andrea Rossini

With Obama's first days in the White House comes hope for a new direction in human rights protection after the Bush era. The case of the "Six Algerians" kidnapped in Sarajevo in 2002 and held in Guantanamo for 7 years. A comment by former UN High Representative for Bosnia and Herzegovina Wolfgang Petritsch

European Reconciliation

14/11/2008 -  Andrea Rossini Vienna

The conference "Dealing with the Past: The Process of Reconciliation in the Western Balkans" was held on November 10-11 in Vienna, Austria. The two days of debate with approximately a hundred participants provided a European dimension to the theme being discussed - the military conflicts during the 1990s in the Balkans

Practicing Memory

05/11/2008 -  Andrea Rossini

The memory of World War II in Croatia, from the Yugoslavian period until the present day. The changes of the 1990s. Jasenovac, Bleiburg, the day of antifascist struggle and the exodus of Italians: an interview with Vjeran Pavlaković

Union of Minorities

22/10/2008 -  Andrea Rossini

Conditions of the Slovene minority in Italy and the Italian minority in Slovenia after Ljubljana's entry into the European Union (EU). An interview with Bojan Brezigar, a journalist and advisor to outgoing Slovenian Foreign Minister, Dimitrij Rupelj

The Day After

23/07/2008 -  Andrea Rossini Sarajevo

The arrest of Karadzic and the moderate reaction in Sarajevo. Times of justice and astonishment over the transformation of Dr. Dabic. The war, after-war, and Dayton Bosnia. Our comment