Articles by Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Kosovo: The two reasons why Thaci’s election is not valid

01/03/2016 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Hashim Thaci’s election as Kosovo president is invalid. According to Andrea Capussela, it should be challenged before the Constitutional Court, since it breaches the rules previously established by the Court itself

How Kosovo avoided losing €18 million

23/02/2016 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

With its ruling on the "AUK deal", EULEX saved Kosovo’s budget from losing €18 million. Unfortunately, in these years, such effective action was often missing. The two faces of the EU mission. A comment

Thaci will not become president: a civic hero will...

26/01/2016 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

According to a judgement of the Kosovo Constitutional Court, all the deputies in the National Assembley must be present to choose the next president. This is why, mantains Andrea Capussela, Hashim Thaci is not going to be elected

Kosovo: a very political Court

18/11/2015 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

The Kosovo Constitutional Court has suspended the Pristina-Belgrade agreement on Serb-majority municipalities. It is a political move, breaching the very Constitution the Court should protect

The six paradoxes of Kosovo’s special court

01/07/2015 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Last Friday Kosovo's parliament refused to establish a "special court" on crimes allegedly committed between 1999 and 2008 by KLA prominet leaders. A request from the West that, according to Andrea Capussela, hides many paradoxes

Rapporto Jacque, in Kosovo Eulex ha fallito

17/04/2015 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Il report su Eulex voluto da Federica Mogherini scagiona la missione dall'accusa di aver coperto casi di corruzione interna, ma mette a nudo le profonde mancanze strutturali della più grande missione UE nei sette anni trascorsi. Un commento

Kosovo: the court says that the court is legal

09/12/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Can the judges of the Constitutional Court in Kosovo take part in decisions on matters that affect them directly? Of course they can. A comment

Kosovo: looking for a Parliament

03/12/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Kosovo's political crisis has been solved bypassing its democratic institutions, namely the Parliament, making the State weaker in the long term

The EULEX scandal: perplexing revelations, perplexing reactions

07/11/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

The recent allegations on EULEX seem too selective to be of much assistance for an analysis of the European mission’s performance. The whole mission, starting from its judicial functions, should be thoroughly scrutinized

Eulex’s legacy: a response to judge Hargreaves

05/11/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Yesterday we published the opinion of US judge James Hargreaves on EULEX failure. A reply

The Kosovo progress report: no accountability, no future

22/10/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

The decision to hand over the judicial system to domestic authorities, cutting Eulex’s mandate before its objectives were achieved, will not help Kosovo in the long term. Analysis of the recent EC report

The cats of a US constitutional judge in Kosovo

26/09/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

The US judge Robert Carolan, appointed by the ICO to serve in the Kosovo Constitutional Court, has withdrawn his recently announced resignations. Given his previous record, this may not be good news for the Kosovo judiciary

The remarkable but dangerous fantasy of Kosovo’s president

12/09/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

By illegally appointing three constitutional judges, the Kosovo president breached the constitution. If the EU delegation supported the president’s decision, it gave her bad advice

The SITF report speaks less of Kosovo than of the international community

31/07/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

"What is most interesting about the report unveiled on Tuesday by the special investigative task force (SITF) is not what it says about the KLA, but what it implies about the post-conflict and state-building international interventions in Kosovo". A comment by Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Eulex’s new clothes

04/07/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Keeping a toothless Eulex in Kosovo for two more years is not only a waste of money. It is also providing legitimacy to the decisions of vulnerable judges

Kosovo at a critical juncture

26/06/2014 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Following the parliamentary elections of June 8, in Kosovo a new political landscape is emerging. Will it be more democratic? A comment

Has Eulex changed its policy?

27/05/2013 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Organ trafficking in Kosovo: the Marty report, the Medicus case and the first convictions. Some open questions on the Eulex conduct

The EU and the Kosovo-Serbia deal

30/04/2013 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

A stable Serbia, firmly anchored to the EU, is Brussels' strategic objective. Even if the deal on Northern Kosovo should unravel

Kosovo: the deal is good

22/04/2013 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

The Kosovo-Serbia deal is a victory for the civic notion of statehood and citizenship, avoiding further risks of ethnic partitions. Also, it is a remarkable success for the EU, and a reason to be optimistic about its future

Kosovo’s money: the central bank, a party, and some dangers

02/04/2013 -  Andrea Lorenzo Capussela

Kosovo just appointed the new governor of its central bank. But Bedri Hamza is too close to the current government to guarantee the necessary independence. An analysis