Articles by Andrea De Noni

Bosnia and Herzegovina: the Plenums legacy

08/09/2014 -  Andrea De Noni

Seven months after the February protests, a political alternative to the forthcoming general elections is not in sight. However, activists believe the movement is sowing seeds

A tale of three chairs

25/07/2014 -  Andrea De Noni Sarajevo

General elections will take place in Bosnia and Herzegovina on October 12th. Candidates for the Presidency and House of Peoples will still need to identify as Serbs, Croats, or Bosniaks, in violation of the provisions of the European Court of Human Rights

Bosnia and Herzegovina: in the shelters

02/07/2014 -  Andrea De Noni Sarajevo

About a thousand Bosnian citizens remain housed in temporary shelters in the aftermath of the floods that devastated the country last May. Neither they nor the institutions have any certainty about what to expect in the coming months

Sarajevo, the shopping centres bloom

16/04/2014 -  Andrea De Noni Sarajevo

The Bosnian capital has a new shopping centre, the “Sarajevo City Center”. It is the fourth within a radius of a kilometre, in a country where the population is increasingly poor. But the city loves its malls