Articles by Ana Kuzmanić

Croatia: retirement without peace

21/10/2019 -  Ana KuzmanićIvana Perić

More than 11,000 retired Croatian are still working. Some of them seek a more active life, but the majority lives on the brink of poverty without any other option other than to keep working – a problem in common with many other European countries

Yemen, an European war

20/06/2019 -  Ana KuzmanićIvana Perić Zagreb

By providing weapons to parties in conflict in Yemen, Europeans have a responsibility in the war that has claimed more than 10,000 lives in four years. Being one of the main European exporters of arms, Croatia shares this reponsibility

Croatian cities don’t care for climate change

20/02/2019 -  Ana KuzmanićIvana Perić

A survey by the H-Alter portal reveals local authorities' lack of interest in the increase in average temperatures. An exception is the city of Pula, which stresses the impact of climate change on people's lives

Croatia, where the streets have no (women's) names

08/01/2019 -  Ana KuzmanićIvana Perić Zagreb

The visualisations of urban public space are an important part of the process of creating collective memory and imagining (a different) future. Yet in the toponymy of Croatian cities there is almost no trace of women: in most cases the percentage of streets named after women is lower than 5 percent