Articles by Alfredo Sasso

Karadžić, life imprisonment for the "good neighbour"

22/03/2019 -  Alfredo Sasso

On Wednesday, the MICT (Residual Mechanism for International Criminal Tribunals) condemned on appeal the former leader of Bosnian Serbs during the war of the 1990s to life imprisonment. While Karadžić will serve the sentence in a state for now unknown, his ideas unfortunately continue to circulate

Srebrenica, revisionist siege

01/03/2019 -  Alfredo Sasso

Republika Srpska has appointed two new international commissions tasked with establishing the crimes committed in Srebrenica and those committed against the Serbian population in Sarajevo. A group of academics and various analysts highlight its revisionist intentions

Pollution in Sarajevo, interview with Anes Podić

16/01/2019 -  Alfredo Sasso Sarajevo

Last December, Sarajevo was the most polluted capital in the world. What are the main causes of pollution in the Bosnian capital? An interview with Anes Podić, coordinator of Eko Akcija

Sarajevo, unbreathable air

09/01/2019 -  Alfredo Sasso Sarajevo

Between 2 and 4 December, Sarajevo was the most polluted capital in the world, at least according to data provided by US embassies, that constantly monitor the environmental situation of the cities where they are based

Post-elections in Bosnia and Herzegovina: heavy politics

12/10/2018 -  Alfredo Sasso Sarajevo

Nationalists celebrate in Sarajevo and Banja Luka, while doubts remain on a possible boycott of the state and federal institutions by Croatian nationalist party HDZ. An analysis

"Let's go all the way". In David Square, Banja Luka

05/10/2018 -  Alfredo Sasso Banja Luka

Parents, grandparents, children – hundreds of people have been guarding Banja Luka's main square for over six months, demanding justice for David. Regardless of who wins Sunday's elections, they are determined to go all the way

Demonstrating for David in Banja Luka

10/05/2018 -  Alfredo Sasso

The authorities of the Republika Srpska are not telling the whole truth on the suspicious death of 21-year-old David Dragičević. But there are now thousands of protesters who every day, for a month and a half, have been asking for clarity

The Kravica case and judicial cooperation in the former Yugoslavia

31/07/2017 -  Alfredo Sasso

There are only a few months left until the closure of the Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia. At that point, judicial cooperation between the countries of the region will become even more essential

"Each time, it hurts more". Srebrenica, 22 years later

14/07/2017 -  Alfredo Sasso

A "war for truth" is being fought today in Bosnia and Herzegovina – a clash based on ethnic competition, with words and stories about the past as the main weapons

Bosnian ethnopolis in Strasbourg: a controversial resolution

03/03/2017 -  Alfredo Sasso

Tensions between Zagreb and Sarajevo over potential further decentralization of Bosnia Herzegovina, following the positions exposed in a resolution recently adopted by the European parliament

Srebrenica, the weight of a vote

23/11/2016 -  Alfredo Sasso

The local elections of October 2nd brought Srebrenica its first Serbian mayor, supported by a coalition of nationalist parties

Bosnia and Herzegovina: the return of Fikret Abdić

08/11/2016 -  Alfredo Sasso

Founder of Agrokomerc, sentenced to 10 years for war crimes, Fikret Abdić, the new mayor of his hometown Velika Kladuša, visited Sarajevo after 23 years to officialize his new position