Articles by Ahmed Burić

Bosnia and Herzegovina: requiem for Dr. Pašagić

24/04/2020 -  Ahmed Burić Sarajevo

The death of well-known Sarajevo epidemiologist Šefik Pašagić is a tragic story that has its roots in Bosnian medical malpractice. In a final, bitter paradox, the deceased has been blamed for his own death

Bella ciao, when a song crosses borders

14/02/2020 -  Ahmed Burić Sarajevo

It is certainly a song out of the ordinary, one of the best known in the world. Bella ciao has been sung by many, musicians and non, from Manu Chao to Goran Bregović, from Tom Waits to Don Andrea Gallo at the end of a mass. "It is the symbol of resistance and the struggle for human rights worldwide".

Erdoğan in Sarajevo: the Bosnians will pay the price

24/05/2018 -  Ahmed Burić Sarajevo

The recent electoral rally that Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdoğan held in Sarajevo highlighted the difficulties of today's Bosnia Herzegovina and the contradictions of Europe