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Sea of Azov: Mariupol's iron dust

27/07/2021 -  Claudia Bettiol Mariupol

Despite the proximity to the Donbass conflict, there is an air of normalcy in Mariupol, Ukraine. But that very air is heavily polluted by the historic Metinvest metallurgical complex

Ukraine: home of cybernetics made in the USSR

16/02/2021 -  Martina Napolitano

The Kiev Institute of Cybernetics was one of the hubs in the USSR for the study and experimentation of computers. For many years mathematician Viktor Gluškov worked there, dreaming of a "paperless" Soviet administration, but his vision clashed with Leonid Brezhnev

Ukraine, not (yet) a country for journalists

10/02/2021 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

Ukraine has gained some positions in the global ranking of media freedom – sadly, only because of demerits of others, as the situation in the country shows no improvements

Belarusian Information Technology moves to Kiev

12/11/2020 -  Martina Napolitano

Following the protests and the dramatic repression by the regime in Belarus, many decide to leave the country – including many computer scientists who are leaving for neighbouring Ukraine

Ukraine: life in a minefield

01/09/2020 -  Claudia Bettiol Kiev

In Donbas, along the line of contact between the Ukrainian army and the separatists, there are hectares of mined territory. Securing it – once the conflict is over – will take more than half a century. A tragedy within a tragedy

Surrogate motherhood and exploitation in Ukraine

30/07/2020 -  Claudia Bettiol Kiev

Ukraine is one of the few countries where surrogate motherhood is legal and commercial. Private agencies and clinics offer these services, fuelling the so-called "rent-a-womb tourism". Many Ukrainian women do it for money, but at what price?

Donbas: the miners' protest

06/07/2020 -  Claudia BettiolMartina Napolitano

In Donbas, miners went on strike for unpaid wages. Local authorities responded with repression: isolation of strikers, telephone lines cut, arrests and fines. Meanwhile, the conflict continues, albeit in international silence

Ukraine: Slovo, from “house of the word” to nightmare

26/05/2020 -  Claudia Bettiol Kiev

"Slovo" is an apartment complex for Ukrainian writers, built in the 1920s in the former capital of Ukraine Kharkiv. Securing them a decent home was only a marginal concern: it soon turned into a nightmare of control, delations, and arrests

Ukraine: from press freedom to censorship risks

25/02/2020 -  Claudia Bettiol Kiev

Last January the Ukrainian Ministry of Culture, Youth, and Sports presented a bill in order to change the media and disinformation law. The proposal, however, has raised criticism from the opposition, journalists, and media experts, who see their right to freedom of opinion threatened

Diplomacy and the war in Ukraine

11/02/2020 -  Filippo Rosin

Last December, Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russia's Putin met under the aegis of France and Germany. Since then, however – although much has been said about Ukraine because of Trump's impeachment and the shooting down of the Boeing in Iran – little has changed in the Donbas conflict.

Ukraine: Zelenski-Putin meeting

09/12/2019 -  Filippo Rosin

Today in Paris, within the framework of the "Normandy Group", Ukrainian President Zelensky and Russian President Putin will meet. A picture of the political situation in Ukraine and in the Donbas

Insight: the Ukrainian Lgbt+ community

26/11/2019 -  Claudia Bettiol

It has operated for over ten years alongside Ukraine's LGBT+ community. A meeting with some Insight activists and their views on Ukrainian society and the slow progress on rights in post-Soviet Ukraine

Crimea: the resistance of the Tatars

20/08/2019 -  Martina Napolitano

Following the Russian occupation of Crimea, the Tatar community is under great pressure. An analysis of the situation through historical digressions and a meeting with the Tatar representatives recently elected in the Ukrainian parliament

Ukraine, the "servant of the people" wins again

29/07/2019 -  Claudia Bettiol

The party of new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj won also last Sunday's early political elections. "The servant of the people" got 43% of the votes and the absolute majority in parliament

Ukraine: early elections upcoming

17/07/2019 -  Claudia Bettiol

Thanks to the broad consensus gathered in the presidential elections, the new Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelenskyj scheduled early political elections for next July 21st. His movement, "The servant of the people", is estimated to have a large advantage, but victory does not seem obvious

Ukraine: the new language law, Porošenko's last act

05/06/2019 -  Martina Napolitano

Before leaving the presidential chair to the newly elected Volodymyr Zelensky, Petro Porošenko signed a new language law – one that puts minority rights under strong pressure

Comedian Zelensky and the elections in Ukraine

11/04/2019 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

After a long electoral campaign, the first round of presidential elections in Ukraine took place on the 31st of March. None of the candidates managed to score more than 50% of the votes. Volodymyr Zelensky is in the lead. An analysis of the vote

Ukraine: the elections and the failed future

29/03/2019 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

Both presidential and political elections are scheduled to take place in Ukraine in 2019. Next March 31st it is time for the first round of presidential elections, in a climate that unfortunately seems to anchor the country to its turbulent past

Between two families: stories of migrant domestic workers in Greece

18/03/2019 -  Elvira Krithari Athens

Anna, Maria, and many others. In Greece, thousands of migrant women work as domestic helpers and carers. A difficult life, suspended between legality and informal sector, country of origin and destination, pride and regret

Between language and autonomy. Growing tensions between Ukraine and Hungary

09/11/2018 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

Hungary was the first country to recognise Kiev's independence, but now relations between the two states are strained by tensions over the situation of the Hungarian minority in Ukraine, while Russia watches in glee

Ukraine: Saakashvili's return, Poroshenko's power

05/10/2017 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

The political parable in Ukraine of former Georgian president Saakashvili is not over. Meanwhile, President Poroshenko has already launched a long election campaign ahead of the 2019 presidential elections

Ukraine, the amber republic

14/08/2017 -  Oleksiy Bondarenko

Some of the world's largest amber deposits are located on Ukrainian territory. Extraction is in the hands of criminal organisations, and institutions are hesitant or connivant – meanwhile, the environment is devastated

Informality and corruption in Ukrainian University

28/11/2016 -  Abel PoleseTetiana Stepurko

In Ukraine, one of the sources of income for university professors are informal payments from students. But this weights on the future of the country

Verona-Kiev, one way

15/11/2016 -  Danilo Elia

Almost a year since the theft of masterpieces by Mantegna, Rubens, Tintoretto and other masters from the Castelvecchio museum in Verona, and six months after their discovery in Ukraine, the paintings remain in Kiev

Self-made women, from Ukraine to Italy

28/10/2016 -  Elena RisiValentina Vivona

Thousands of high-skilled Ukrainian women living in Italy are offered jobs for which they are over-qualified. But some of them manage to get their title acknowledged

Ukraine, land of IDPs

21/10/2016 -  Danilo Elia

Two years after the outbreak of war in Donbas, there are many internally displaced persons in Ukraine. After the initial burst of solidarity by citizens, however, the willingness to host is wearing thin

Women fighters in Ukraine

04/10/2016 -  Katja Garmasch

Between war, nationalism and rapprochement with the West, women, in Ukraine, are changing society. A reportage

Ukraine: freedom of the press jeopardized

06/09/2016 -  Danilo Elia

One month after the car bomb that killed journalist Pavel Sheremet, the discovery of Alexander Shchetinin’s death. These casualties mark a climate of rising pressure against the Ukrainian press

Ukraine: healthcare and informal payments

19/07/2016 -  Abel PoleseTetiana Stepurko

The healthcare sector in Ukraine is in crisis: low quality, stagnant reforms and dwindling budgets. Is it the result of a widespread habit to pay doctors under the table?

Ukraine 2016: where is the state?

26/05/2016 -  Abel Polese*Tetiana Stepurko

Is there a way to develop a country where there is virtually no trust for the state? If someone thinks so, please let us know