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Cycling in the Amazon of Europe

24/05/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

The Amazon of Europe bike trail makes it possible to cycle over 1000 km along a cycle path that winds between rivers and forests, from Austria to Serbia

United against plastic in the protected areas of the Mediterranean

10/05/2022 -  Marco Ranocchiari

Scientific research and good practices. These are the two main elements that for some years have brought together researchers and volunteers from Italy, Spain, Greece, Albania, Croatia, and Slovenia in the fight to safeguard the protected natural areas of the Mediterranean from plastics

Narodni Dom, 102 years later history comes full circle

31/03/2022 -  Stefano Lusa Koper

A building designed to celebrate a community that was an important component of the city fabric. And that is why it was set on fire in 1920 by those who wanted to paint Trieste as an exclusively Italian city. Now the Narodni dom has been returned to the Slovenian community

European macro-regions: digitalisation and data sharing for safer and more sustainable maritime transport

17/03/2022 -  Serena Epis

Digitalisation and technological innovation are key to the development of the European maritime industry. Digital services for communicating data and information are essential to ensure safer and more sustainable navigation in European waters

Italy-Slovenia: the ecological link

01/03/2022 -  Serena Epis

Between Italy and Slovenia there are two natural parks that have been in dialogue for years. We interviewed Antonio Andrich, director of the Julian Pre-Alps Natural Park

Slovenia: Robert Golob vs. Janez Jansa

10/02/2022 -  Stefano Lusa

Robert Golob will be Janez Jansa's main antagonist in the political elections of next 24 April. He is the only one who seems to have the charisma to stand up to the master and father of the centre-right and his plans to bring Slovenia towards Hungary

EU cohesion: the great erasure of gender equality

11/01/2022 -  Gentiola Madhi

The pandemic has accentuated the gender inequalities existing in the EU member states. Things were never great, but an analysis of the last financial period 2014-2020 of cohesion policies highlights how little has been done in this field

Dying on the border

16/12/2021 -  Stefano Lusa Koper

Yet another victim on the border between Croatia and Slovenia. This time, a girl lost her life trying to reach Slovenia by crossing the Dragonja River together with her mother and siblings. In the last 4 years, 23 migrants have died in Slovenia

Slovenia, the European Parliament and the rule of law

16/12/2021 -  Juan Torregrosa Rodriguez

On 17 November, the results of a monitoring mission on the rule of law carried out in Slovenia in October by some members of the European Parliament were presented

Italy-Slovenia: the cross-border train and buses

23/12/2021 -  Editors

Hundreds of kilometres of border, and for years no public transport lines crossing it. Some cross-border Interreg projects dedicated to sustainable mobility have reversed the course

Starting afresh from biodiversity, from the Netherlands to Slovenia

20/12/2021 -  Redazione

The "Week of Cities and Regions" discussed biodiversity and sustainability starting from the experiences of two European territories

Slovenia: young environmentalists and the pandemic, the unexpected consequences

08/11/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

In Slovenia, as in the rest of the world, Covid-19 has upset the dynamics of youth activism, including the environmental one, which was in full swing before the pandemic. Despite the assembly ban, the closed universities, and the economic crisis, environmentalists have achieved a historic referendum victory with another unexpected consequence: to take root in the rural country, traditionally impervious to mobilisations

Slovenia no limits

20/10/2021 -  Stefano Lusa

Relations between Ljubljana and Brussels are increasingly tense. Janez Jansa, Prime Minister of Slovenia, shows no bounds in provoking the European Union. He demonstrated this during the recent visit of a European Parliament delegation that came to Slovenia to assess the situation of the rule of law

Oštro goes live in Croatia

29/09/2021 -  Oštro

The Oštro investigative portal, the Croatian version of the already well-known Slovenian investigative portal, has been active in Croatia for a few days. The area of interest will be the Adriatic region and therefore Slovenia, Croatia and Italy. The topics will be crime, corruption and the environment

Slovenia, Croatia: barbed wire

24/09/2021 -  Giovanni Vale

"They ask me 'are you for or against immigration?', but the question makes no sense, there is no need to be for or against, immigration exists. Rather, you have to choose how to manage it". An interview with Tiha K. Gudac, director of the documentary «Žica», barbed wire

Slovenia: water has won

14/07/2021 -  Marco Ranocchiari

On Sunday 11 July, with an overwhelming majority — and a high turnout — the Slovenes rejected the new law on water, which would have made it easier to build along the banks of rivers and on the coasts. A heavy defeat for right-wing prime minister Janez Jansa

The Switzerland of the Balkans

25/06/2021 -  Stefano Lusa Koper

Thirty years ago Slovenia proclaimed its independence. Now the pendulum that carried Ljubljana towards the West seems to be swinging backwards fast, and the models are no longer Paris or Berlin but rather Budapest and Warsaw, with their illiberal democracies

Slovenia: fuel to the fire

10/06/2021 -  Stefano Lusa Koper

With a shaky government and without a solid majority in parliament, Prime Minister Jansa keeps adding fuel to the fire, conceding nothing to allies and opponents

Heroes without borders

28/05/2021 -  Stefano Lusa Koper

In many territories on the border between Italy and Slovenia, a climate of integration had finally been reached, but the measures introduced to limit the pandemic have changed everything. Neither Rome nor Ljubljana worried that much, but some, with creativity, "took the field" in favour of the complexity, interests, and relationships of cross-border areas

Slovenia: saving the STA

18/05/2021 -  Stefano Lusa Capodistria

Thirty years after its foundation, the future of the Slovenian News Agency is at risk. Janez Jansa's government has blocked state funding pending the delivery of a number of documents. For the agency, however, the request is an undue political interference

A historic verdict: Italy's pushbacks to Slovenia are illegal

26/01/2021 -  Nicole Corritore

The application of the readmission agreement between Italy and Slovenia is illegitimate. This was confirmed by the Court of Rome, that accepted the appeal of a Pakistani citizen who had arrived in Trieste via the Balkan route and was then pushed back to Slovenia and then Bosnia and Herzegovina

Habitats, species, ecosystems: the state of nature in south-east Europe

10/12/2020 -  Pietro Stefani

The latest report from the European Environment Agency (EEA) paints a grave picture of the EU’s environmental situation, which requires urgent attention from member states if current trends are to be reversed. A look at south-east Europe

Journalists in Europe: one attack per day

18/08/2020 -  Paola Rosà

The data from the first four months of monitoring by the MFRR consortium confirm a concerning landscape for the safety of journalists and the state of media freedom, both in EU member countries and in countries as Serbia and Turkey

What future for Koper's port

18/07/2019 -  Charles Nonne Ljubljana

Slovenia's only port, the Port of Koper (Luka Koper) has record sales every year and traffic continues to grow. Envied by the great powers and by the landlocked countries of Central Europe; continuously challenged by its main rival, Trieste

Heatwaves: global warming threatens more than 100,000 Slovenes

26/02/2019 -  Lenart J. Kučić

Longer uninterrupted heat periods in Slovenia will be increasingly frequent and intense. The country does not have an integrated strategy to combat climate change yet

Bears return to the Alps

22/01/2019 -  Laura Pes

In the collective imagination, bears are one of the wild animals with which humanity has struggled the most over the course of history. After virtual extermination, the reintroduction of bears in a number of European countries is arousing enthusiasm as well as perplexity

Defending Balkan rivers

25/10/2018 -  Giovanni Vale Zagreb

In the Balkans, the construction is planned of 2,800 hydroelectric power plants – mostly small, but with devastating impact on the river environment. A group of activists and an annual Balkan Rivers Tour emerged to defend these waterways

Collio and Brda, together towards UNESCO

18/10/2018 -  Giovanni Vale

Hills extending on the border between Italy and Slovenia, terracing, and dirt paths – an ideal location for wine production. This area, once divided by the Iron Curtain, today could symbolically unite

Tito and Vallarsa: The history of a legend

10/10/2018 -  Marco Abram

Trentino and Yugoslavia narrated through a legend: roots of Marshal Josip Broz Tito in Vallarsa

Cycling in the city: Ljubljana takes inspiration from the Dutch model

26/02/2018 -  Lucia Bruni

Ljubljana is among the most accessible European capitals for cycling, and among the cities which have invested most in this mode of transport. An interview with Lea Ružič, president of the Ljubljana Cyclists Network