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Moldova: towards a new psychiatric care system

17/02/2020 -  Francesco BrusaAndrea Bonetti

Moldova is undergoing a radical reform of the psychiatric care system. The country is transitioning from the old model of psychiatric assistance to a new system, based on the establishment of so-called "community medical centres". A reportage

Moldova, a "slow" invitation to discover the world of wine

22/01/2020 -  Francesco Martino Chișinău

From Cricova's mysterious tunnels to the small wineries of Gagauzia, the Republic of Moldova aims to become an alternative to mass tourism destination thanks to hospitality traditions and the millenary cultural and historical heritage. The ace up its sleeve? Viticulture

After a new president came to power, what happened to Transnistria’s media?

18/06/2018 -  Giorgio Comai

We have analysed Transnistrian online media 18 months after Vadim Krasnoselski came to power. We found clear evidence of selective removal of “unpleasant” old news items, but no evidence of mass dismissal of journalists

Sardinia: shepherds of Romania

19/07/2018 -  Francesca Rolandi

They mostly come from the Romanian region of Moldova, and since the early 2000s they have migrated to Sardinia, where they are employed in the agro-pastoral sector. A phenomenon analysed by anthropologist Sergio Contu

Moldova: transparency and democracy can solve problems

13/02/2018 -  Francesco Brusa

Defeated in the 2016 presidential runoff, Maia Sandu has not left politics. She has recently visited Italy for a series of meetings with the diaspora. Here she speaks about her vision on Moldova

Between institutions and movements, the challenges of Moldovan feminism

08/03/2017 -  Francesco Brusa

A conversation with two women, Valentina Borug and Victoria Apostol, on their strategies to lead the way in the debate on feminism and gender issues in Moldova

Media in Moldova: oligarchy in power

05/12/2016 -  Francesco Brusa Chișinău

Nadine Gogu heads a centre in support of independent journalism in the country. She tells us about media oligarchs, Russian propaganda, and the future of online information

Our man in Moldova

21/10/2016 -  Eleanor KnottMihai Popșoi

In courting the country’s most loathed oligarch, the EU and US will only lose the sympathy of ordinary Moldovans

Moldova: prisons, transition, and the Hamlet

06/09/2016 -  Francesco Brusa

All Moldovan prison facilities still date back to the Soviet era, with poor conditions for prisoners. And yet something is moving to reform the system. A reportage

Exorcism in Moldova

29/04/2016 -  Francesco Brusa

Despite the local ecclesiastical institutions' disapproval, in the Monastery of Saharna, a hundred kilometres from the Moldovan capital Chişinau, mass exorcism rites are taking place

Giurgiuleşti, the port in a void

30/12/2015 -  Francesco Brusa

The port of Giurgiuleşti, via a system of canals, represents Moldavia's only access to the sea. All around it, though, is void

The Jerusalem of Bessarabia

30/04/2015 -  Danilo Elia Chişinău

In Chişinău, a tiny Jewish community tries to save its history from oblivion. Half of the ancient capital of Bessarabia used to be inhabited by Jews. One day, in April 1903, the nightmare of pogroms started. Before the Nazis, even before the Shoah, it was in this forgotten city that the century of hatred began

The missing page in the Association Agreements

24/06/2014 -  Giorgio ComaiMirela Oprea

It might be one page, one paragraph, or just two lines. But the importance of including child protection in EU’s Association Agreements cannot be overestimated

The Vilnius puzzler

05/12/2013 -  Giorgio Comai

The Association Agreements initialled by Moldova and Georgia in Vilnius are not identical. There may be very good reasons for the differences, but some are more difficult to explain than other

The Chișinău center for Eastern border migrants

27/05/2013 -  Bernardo Venturi Chișinău

The Moldovan capital Chișinău has its own center for migrants, to reject them before they even get to the European Union. We paid a visit

Resistance in Moldova to health law on mandatory vaccination

17/04/2013 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

Law in Moldova mandates that children be vaccinated in order to be accepted into kindergarten. Many parents disagree. A law change is being proposed in parliament to make vaccination optional

Moldovan citizens to travel freely in the EU by 2014?

09/01/2013 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

In 2012, José Barroso and Angela Merkel visited Moldova. These high-level visits raised hopes that Moldovan citizens will be granted visa-free travel in the EU by 2014. Still, a Russian proposal to include Moldova in its own customs union keeps public opinion divided in the country

The 1800 inmates of Moldova's psychiatric hospitals

03/12/2012 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu

Psychiatric patients in Moldova are often forced into huge facilities, where freedom is restricted more than is necessary and the sick are vulnerable to abuses. A report by our correspondent

Good reasons to invest in Moldova

16/05/2012 -  Bernardo Venturi Chişinău

Valeriu Lazar, 40, Minister of the Economy and Deputy Prime Minister of Moldova since 2009, took office in the middle of the economic crisis and is one of the government's leading figures. In this interview, he talks about Moldova's response to the crisis, its model of development, and its investment opportunities

Transnistria, wind of change with the new president?

23/01/2012 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

After 20 years of Igor Smirnov's authoritarian rule in this de facto independent territory within the internationally recognised borders of Moldova, Yevgeny Shevchuk became the new head of Transnistria. Over 200,000 citizens showed up at elections to vote against Smirnov, who had a falling out with Russia over allegations of financial frauds

Moldova, twenty years of independence

31/08/2011 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

The Republic of Moldova's 20th Birthday. The celebrations, organized by the Government of Chişinău, involved a military parade and a get together of the five Presidents elected in these last twenty years. The current picture is not the most positive: the country remains bogged down in the Transnistria territorial dispute and its European perspectives are still fragile

LGBT in Moldova: life's not easy

18/08/2011 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

The LGBT community in Moldova faces discrimination in hospitals and in the workplace. According to a survey, only 2% of Moldovans would welcome having a gay or lesbian as a family member, colleague or friend. Transsexuals have problems obtaining new ID cards and have to struggle to overcome discrimination. A feature story

Neighbour or Friend? EU aspirations of the ENP countries

17/08/2011 -  Nelli Babayan*

Countries included in the European Neighbourhood Policy, like the three republics of the South Caucasus and Moldova, are unlikely to join the EU any time soon. Still, according to different rankings, their performance is not so different from that of current candidate countries Croatia and the former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (fYROM) at the time those countries were granted candidate status (2004-2005)

Sexist advertisement in Chişinău

25/07/2011 -  Natalia Ghilaşcu Chişinău

Sexist advertisements are invading Chişinău, the capital of Moldova. The image of the woman depicted is clear: sexy and beautiful, a good servant for men, a hardworking housewife. Two companies using such advertisement have already been sued. But people still bump into billboards with sexy women all over. A feature story

Moldova and the EU: Freedom Just Across the Border

13/09/2010 -  Bernardo Venturi Chişinău

For Moldavians, Europe is a fever. A collective aspiration to enter the magic circle of “the 27” is reflected in everything from public advertisements to names of squares, even in a new-found freedom of movement that Moldavians now enjoy. This aspiration is visible despite the fact that the little republic is still dealing with nostalgia for and economic tensions with its big Russian neighbor

Chişinău, one year after the protests

06/04/2010 -  Bernardo Venturi Chişinău

After Moldova's contested parliamentary elections on 6-7 April 2009, peaceful demonstrations degenerated into violent clashes between protesters and police. Civil activists Ghenadie and Oleg Brega remember those days. An interview

Moldova: time for constitutional reform

08/03/2010 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

On 24-26 February, a delegation from the Venice Commission visited the Republic of Moldova. The delegation's visit was part of a task to support Moldova's ongoing constitutional reform process, initiated by the governing Moldovan coalition, Alliance for European Integration

Moldova-EU: a chance for a new relationship

03/02/2010 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

As the name of the Republic of Moldova's new governing coalition implies, the Alliance for European Integration has as its main goal the improvement of Moldovan-European Union relations

Moldova: austere budget

13/01/2010 -  Iulian Lungu Chişinău

In 2009, the economic crisis was aggravated by the difficult political situation in the country. The ruling Alliance for European Integration had to present an austere budget, characterised by tax raises and cuts in subsidies

Italian syndrome

24/11/2009 -  Laura Delsere Rome

There are roughly 90,000 Moldovans living in Italy - with numbers growing fast, as shown by a recent report by Caritas-Migrantes. Among the many difficulties of living abroad, one problem is spreading very quickly: the Italian syndrome, a depressive form that affects illegal immigrants and their children