Riprese a Dudik (foto L. Zanoni)

"Circle of memory" (Krug sjećanja) is the new documentary film directed by Andrea Rossini and produced by the Observatory on the Balkans

17/10/2007 -  Anonymous User

The unique experience of a group of architects and sculptors in 1960s and 1970s Yugoslavia, introducing new ways to remember World War II and the victory upon Nazism and Fascism.

The curse of history at the beginning of the '90s, with the nationalist forces using those same memories to manipulate the different national communities and lead the country into war.

A journey into the memory of XXth century Europe, a century which started and ended in Sarajevo.

Camera, editing: Andrea Rossini, Moira Della Fiore
Interviews: Andrea Rossini, Nicole Corritore, Davide Sighele
Sound: Carlo Dall'Asta
Music: Massimo Zamboni (Radio Fandango/Emergency Music)
Production: Osservatorio sui Balcani (ITA, 2007)
Directed by Andrea Rossini

Languages: Italian, English, Bosnian/Croat/Serb
Subtitles: Italian, English, Bosnian/Croat/Serb

- photo gallery
- interview with Nataša Kandić
- speeches of Stjepan Mesić (Jasenovac, 22 April 2007)
- speeches of Jakob Atijas (Jasenovac, 22 April 2007)

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