Bologna Peacebuilding online Forum edizione 2020

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"Peacebuilding after the pandemic. Challenges and opportunities of the next decade" è il tema cardine del Forum che ha come obiettivo offrire spazio di dialogo e scambio tra studiosi e professionisti che lavorano su temi quali risoluzione dei conflitti, costruzione della pace e sviluppo sostenibile

The Bologna Peacebuilding Forum (BPF) is a framework for dialogue and exchange between scholars and practitioners working on conflict resolution, peacebuilding and development. 

After the 2019 edition in Bologna, at the Johns Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies, BPF 2020 takes place as a virtual event. The topic of the Forum will be “Peacebuilding after the pandemic. 2020-2030: Challenges and opportunities of the next decade”. The Forum intends to reflect on issues impacting the future of peace and conflicts, looking beyond the analysis of the current emergency.

The event is organized in 3 sessions. The first deals with the main crisis foretold of the next decade, exploring the relation between peacebuilding and climate change. Climate change can indirectly escalate the risk of conflict and peacebuilding has the capability to work on the linkages between environment, fragility and conflict.

The second session will explore how human mobility can impact, both positively and negatively, peace processes. This topic has a clear connection with the previous session and represents one of the main challenges of the next decade. Speakers will reflect on the current restriction on mobility affecting the entire world, and its potential long-term impact on the phenomenon.

Finally, the third session will feature an exchange on the future of peacebuilding after the pandemic exploring the possible outcomes of the current crisis with new unexpected emergencies but also with lessons to learn and with the introduction of new priorities in world’s political agendas.

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